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oh hes a lumberjack and hes ok, he sleeps all night and he works all day

... so I was approached, along with Ray, Grant and Nick to consider being Mounties in a python sketch for showcase [terrace talent quest thing of sorts, money raiser for performing arts association] ... who could say no.

...we rehearsed in the chapel [yee gods, McAnus woulda had apoplexia, Chappy prolly also but given neither were there, we just did it], has a piano you see. Something decidedly naughty about performing python in the chapel, but maybe that is just me that sees the funny side of performing a skit containing rampant deforestation and even rampanter [is that a word?] tranvestitism. The plan was to be the secret PARTB of a comedy sketch about fatal beatings [Rowan Atkinson masterpiece] and it seemed to be very well received.

I did not even realise we were in the competition, but apparently we came a very close second in the "peoples choice" award - no mean feat given the act that won was an extraordinary violinist ... all a bit of fun.

... It was such an honor to be asked [many thanks Wiltershins, love your work mate] and astonishing that it was endorsed to go ahead [many thanks Vic, love your work darl], and delightful to do in costume [many thanks to the Wiltershins clan for sourcing coats and hats - one woulda thought that Brizvegus should have a full mountie attire industry, but no], shame about the sound system [a coupla microphones woulda made the sound travel a bit further] ... kinda hard to stuff up such good material tho.

he cuts down trees, he eats his lunch, he goes to the lava-try, on wednesdays he goes shopping, has buttered scones for tea

... so one year, us HOFs suggested that it might be fun, educationally enriching and moreover posible to take year 10s out of regular classes for an extended period of time [3 weeks] and "immerse" them in a learning experience outside regular curriculum. and so it was. There have been units in Business, Furniture design and construction, EcoTourism, Foreign immersions in Japan, France, East Timor, and many others... I decided that pooter games was worthy immersion fodder so this year is the 3rd running of that unit - shed load of organising still to do, but is shaping up to be fun, got a bumper enrollment in it also which is a slight issue, will see how involved they decide to be - the opportunity is there, they have to take it. MOO will manage the experience, is an interesting organiser of information being that it is a gamespace in its own right.

he cuts down trees, he skips and jumps, he likes to press wild flowers, he puts on womens clothing and hangs around in bars

... someone one year thought it might be fun, to engender "house spirit" by organising a House Choir event ... where all [well as many kids as could be bothered turning up on the night] would perform a shouting ritual to accompany a collection of old songs, put on silly costumes [carefully avoiding the so-called banned cross dressing - what boy can resist frocking up occasionally] - my house last won it with a spirited performance in 2002. Last year we were robbed IWHO, but this year WINDSOR HOUSE WON with a medly of wondrously hideous disco rejects [KC and the sunshine band, and play that funky music...white boy]. All credit to Aled for engendering passion, enthusiasm, and more improbably being able to get boys to move synchonously whilst shouting musically ... no mean feat.

he cuts down trees, he wears high heels, suspendies and a bra, he whishes he was a girlie, just like his dear papa.

... went to Dads 80th last weekend, was interesting to see him amongst his circle of friends, good to see him happy. Awarded him an OBE [Over Bloody Eighty] medal, seemed to go down well.

yes hes a lumberjack and hes ok, he sleeps all night and he works all day.

A not-so-limp-wristed salute to those lovely chaps from Monty Pythons Flying Circus, for penning a sketch all that time ago, that we could perform and enjoy even today.

TICK ... another "must do b4 sodding off" job on my lifejoblist checked off.
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