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They put a hot wire to my head

...feel like I am in electro shock therapy some times, but you get that apparently. gearing up for something different is always interesting, but when the amount of gearing up becomes excessive, then it all becomes a little too interesting.

Cos of the things I did and said

... so there is this new area right, and it has a few logical gotchas that will befuddle players who do not stop and take the time to smell the roses [which, sadly, is a lot of them ... so much detail, so little attention paid to it], will be interesting to see who can nut it out.

Oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, then do not worry about it.

And made these feelings go away

... red wine hey, shiraz no less .. one wonders what was going thru the minds of people who thought to squeeze the juice of a sourish grape, let fungus ferment it, then let it sit around for a while before drinking it ... ahh yes, of course, it all makes sense, not. Belgian chocolate hey ... mmmmm ... I guess the Belgians have to get something right [apart from beer] - sorry about that Lucas - love your work mate :P

Model citizen in every way

... so a certain politician decides he needs an election [or is that erection ... it has been so long] and so the whole state is asked to come out and have a say by putting a "1" in a box, or "1".."4" in the same boxes [but not both else that makes the vote not count] unless you put a tick, but that is not allowed on this ballot apparently, altho it would make the whole process easier except for one thing .... the paper ONLY has politicians on it and FMSW but I find it hard to support any of them, voting only encourages them and lordy knows they mostly all need a good smack. Still, the deed is done, no I will not tell you how I voted as my support of the communists is protected by secret ballot [ did I type that out loud ... noooooo!]

Anger is an energy

I am ever appalled and dismayed by the human race, it makes my blood boil when some snarly full-of-themself roasts a decent hardworking human who is doing their best despite impossible odds and intolerable conditions ... just where does the line fall between bad hair day and abuse? May you regret your tantrum and actually WANT to apologise [as opposed to pay cursory attention to your own ego by justifying the reason you went ape-shit] ... I for one think that sort of bastadry [or bitchery] is intolerable and unforgivable ... saying that, I will prolly forgive and forget like everybody else [they are only words, right?]

...a big thank you to PIL for the song "Rise" which the lyrics above originate ... John Lydon [Johnny Rotton of "Pistols" fame to all you philistines] bounces from Punk epiphane to social commentary and the world is a better place.
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Reading:: Rolling Stone issue 657 [just for the gratuitous nudity and swearing]
Hearing:: "Closer" by NiN [ an animal?]
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geekgasm 1. (n.) A feeling of intense pleasure that occurs as a result of a nerdy experience. Example: He had a geekgasm after receiving a new patch for his software without having to pay for it or find a reghack.
2. (v.) To experience a geekgasm. Example: Eric geekgasmed after spotting the original Marvin robot from the TV series of HHGTTG in a scene from the new HHGTTG Movie.
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