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Theres a place for us, Somewhere a place for us

...time off for good behaviour is all good. After a particularly brutal term, I am left empty, exhausted and buried by marking [just the way you would want to start a holiday] ... got some prep for an International IT Conference in Cairns to do also [presenting 2 papers, silly fool], so is "chocks away chuck" for me for the next little while ... gotta catch up on my rest tho, so brain fragged.

Immersion went well I think, managed to engage many students, not bore the others too much I hope. Is a tricky thing to tailor a unit to such a wide ability range without frustrating one or the other end of the spectrum.

Wonko brandishes a red pen as a weapon.
Wonko circles the Marking Pile.
Wonko smites Marking Pile.
The Marking Pile hits wonko for 860 damage.
Wonko critical hits for 1356 the Marking Pile.
Wonko flees from the Marking Pile.
Wonko removes the red pen.
Wonko brandishes a flame thrower as a weapon...

Peace and quiet and open air, Wait for us

...so there is this object called a conductors baton, right? and it is a magical item known as a wand - it casts the fear spell. Fear lowers the wimpy of a character or NPC so they run away ... right?

...well, seems all I assumed about PERManent NPCs was wrong - I had assumed when you permed a monster, it stayed put ... further, i had assumed that when you flagged a monster as a permanent monster it _really_ stayed put ... turns out the codebase says different. A PERManent flagged monster does not wander away when it arrives as room traffic - nice and useful if you want eventually a crowd of them to accumulate in a spawn point. Any NPC can be permed in a room, but this is different, as the same NPC can be room traffic that arrives, leaves and wanders, so this is sorta like gaffa-taping a monster into one spot ... right?

Combine a fear wand and a supposedly permed monster and what do you have? Well, much to my surprise by default, you have one that runs away ... this is far from ideal, particularly if the monster is GUARDING an important object [like a quest object, scroll, snarly weapon etc] ... thx to George for alerting me to that particular lurk ... when a PERManent monster runs away, the codebase re-pops another in its place nearly straight away as it [quite erroniously] determines that there should be a monster there.

...well, it used to do that at least. Now we have a few flavours of PERM ... PERM flagged mobs if used as room traffic arrive and stay, if they are guarding items, they do not run away but turn snarly and may even block your way out as retribution for being frightened; NPCs merely permed in a room will still run away if feared, but get mighty cross when they do, so is all good [thanks to some masterful coding that even AZOG was unaware of until told :P] ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then, it is not important.


Somewhere (from West Side Story) by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, sung to heart-rending perfection by Mr Tom Waits on the album "Blue Valentine" - one of the best Blues albums ever released.
Feeling:: fragged
Watching:: Babylon 5 Series 4, still [thx Winston, getting there]
Reading:: Donna Hay Issue 39 [thx weight watchers, might make the next meeting, not]
Hearing:: "Alice" by Tom Waites [can someone hand that chap a butter methol?]
Accessed:: 2288 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

geekfiti (n) Random sections, partially erased comprising drawings, charts, diagrams and and other scribblings left behind on whiteboards by computer programmers and software designers. This is doubly 1337 if written in permanent marker by mistake and incompletely removed because of the lack of a suitable solvent that does not damage the surface of the whiteboard irreparably. See also: Nerdroglyphics
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