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machines can do the work, while people have time to think...

...it had to happen, eventually, right?

September holidays is my usual time for the full grease and oil change - Dentist, Doctor, Hairdresser, Clothes Shopping and Skin cancer checkover - dreading the eventual prostate check but I know that is on the horizon also [there is always time for lubricant!!!] ... I was dreading the day that a past student asked me to lift up my dress and say ahhh.

... so I eagerly [not] awaited in the Molescan waiting room [as a kid, I got sunburned red raw every weekend, was the thing to do when you lived at a beach] so now have fairly bad skin, door opens, right, and i recognise the dude - a student of mine from 1992 [great kid I remember, did real well, had a wicked sense of humour]. There is something oddly uncomfortable having a seasoned professional going over my aged and saggy body looking for skin lesions and moles gone bad at the best of times, something vaguely surreal when it is a past student - particularly chatting about old times while he warms his hands and asks about various lumps and bumps - still, good job, needed to be done, nothing to burn off this visit thankfully, bound to see one day that his teachers are mortal and getting old.

...now if it had been the dentist, that woulda wigged me out as I am already terrified of them. As it turned out, I had a new dentist, she poked, she prodded, she xrayed and generated a 2do list of things to work on with my choppers that will see me out for the year [curse you NZ public school dental program for filling my mouth with amalgum that now is falling out - I love the taste of mercury in the morning], what sort of person wants to be a dentist *shudders to think about it*, still, job done for another year.

Car also got the twice over - service and replacement of parts long since shagged [some wierd synchronicity going on here] ... I waited in the customer lounge, halfwatching Oprah, half applying red pen to as yet unmarked papers and attempting to drink caterers blend tea whilst shivering at the waaaay too cold aircon [and now have a cold, oh noes, not again!], still you get that apparently.

people can do the work so that machines have time to think...

... so I thought it would be fun to make some key character bots for tmux - enter Wally "Mucka" Beamish; his best mate Cecil "Carrot" Farrot; his little brother Oliver "Ollie" Beamish; his older cousin Des "Tugger" Glumphuttock; and Emmalina "Em" Glumphuttock - younger sister of Tugger and love interest for Carrot. Made the mobs, customised them to be benevolent and mostly helpful and set them free - has been interesting to see how players react to them - some [those capable of role play] have gotted right into it, others less mature completely unable to cope ... you get that tho. These key chars will generally help out, know a buncha magic and often carry useful things - sooner or later players will realise this and play along ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then.

people can do the work.

...gotta love those b(if)tek girls, they make some funky beats that roxor my boxors along with bass lines that take your breath away - do your self a favout and listen to some.
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