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I got the style but not the grace

... so I thought it was wise to check a reservation with Virgin, given _every_ other detail of this trip has been screwed up many times, only to discover that the plane I was actually booked on left in an hour and a half ... 5 hours earlier than I thought [not that panic is outside my repertoir], frantic phonecalls, frenetic stuffing of a suitcase, almost legal speeding to get to the airport and it is up up and away.

... it does beg a question [prolly not me that should ask it] as to how so many details of a simple travel plan can get screwed up by a competent person ... ahhh, there is the rub then I supppose. In the end, it all worked out ok, but I am not built to cope with the stress of having to state and then re-state, then check and re-check all details as they kept changing [fix one thing, break another 2] ... sheesh!

I got the clothes but not the face

... way up north, to Cairns I went. International conference of IT educators, done so well, met some fantastic people, presented 2 papers [one on use of MOO, another on use of Moodle] and co-presented a paper on decision making in schools and the impact that has on IT service provision. I think all went well, lots of smiling and nodding, swapping of e-details, have your people call my people and we will do e-lunch. Much food and beverages consumed [liver will need some rehab prolly, recovering from various substance and service abuses]. Learnt about some games stuff, did a little 3DSM, messed about with Second Life, got down and geeky with some robots, entered some competitions [thereby ensuring everyone elses chances got better], got schMOOzed [will see if anything comes of that], talked SQL with one of the OZ bigwigs from MySQL [got down and played with set notation, which was a welcome relief from the usual scat thrown around as querys].

... was taught by some lovely articulate year 12 students, got to wander a trail or two in the Daintree Rainforest, walked a stretch of beach north of Port Douglas [there is a north of there?], avoided some cranky crocodiles, attended a huuuuge dinner under the sea [in an octopusses garden], found Nemo, yada, yada.

... big love to all the new and old friends I met, may your browsers cache never overflow and may your inbox exceed your spam box, and may the incriminating photos that involved that COW be only ever published in obscure places on the interweb ]:@

I got the bread but not the butter

...so there is this thing called marking, and because I was on IMMERSION up until pretty well the end of the term, I am relegated to doing the marking in the Holidays [note the seeming paradox here - holidays AND marking, does not seem fair, hey] ... and to top it all off, I have to put together a Year 12 submission that has to get to studies office by morning tea on Monday [first day back] but am buggered if i know how I can do that without going back to the asylum BEFORE the holidays are over to compile the paper work [again, something not quite right about all this] ... one can only do what one can fit in I suppose.

I got the winda but not the shutter

An currently exploring SecondLife - if this catches on, that will be a 5th style of virtual presence [5 more and each of the voices in my head will have a virtual manefestation, then my analyst starts charging me big bucks]. Watched some YouTube thing on gaming addiction and WoW ... who woulda seen that coming??? pffft, it is not rocket science, addiciton is addiction - managing your habit becomes increasingly difficult in this day and age, but you get that too I suppose... should naff off and do something. Say hi to your mum for me. But heh I am big in Japan... Tom Waits, pure genius.
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