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Dorothy the dinosaur is munching on some roses I made this marinade of port [nice drop that], minced chilli and garlic and ginger [for the zing], kechap manis [sweet soy for the barbqueue flavour], light soy [for the salt], brown sugar [for the sweet] and sesame oil [for the smell], used it to marinate a pork fillet, which was then quickly incinerated in a hot oven, brushing it with the marinade periodically until sticky and glazed, reduced remaining marinade and served it as a jus ... cut the pork into fork-friendly bits and lovingly drape it over a mushroom risotto and there was my dinner last night ... mmmm. Gotta say I like cooking stuff, almost as much as I like eating nice things ... prolly why I am particularly spherical atm, must consider the diet I guess, not healthy at my age to be carrying around a spare tyre.

Wags the Dog is digging up bones

... commited suburban terrorism this weekend - hedged [yee gods that hedge trimmer gives me the willies], edged [yee gods, is it possible to be frightened of a whippersnipper] and mowed the lawn ... well, when I say lawn, I sorta mean dry crispy stuff that used to be green and still is where the weeds are growing. Everything is soo dry, poor garden [not that we watered much anyways]. Trees out the back still growing famously [amazing what a half a bucket of grey water each a week will do], plenty of flowers, beginning to bush out nicely [yay natives].

Henry the Octopus is dancing round in circles

... so, imagine a 3d maze of sewer pipes. 3 channels, each running north-south, each channel 3 depths [ages] - polypipe, metal pipe and bricked in drain. Imagine 2 different width pipes - main and sub-drains, link-em up north-south, east-west, up-down and you begin to gain some idea of the complexity of my latest MUD space - the sewers that I just know must honey-comb the ground under St. Joes ... will be interesting to see if anyone can MAP them - the design was inspired [it woke me up early saturday morning] and was built fairly fast [well, faster than my normal neways], is now described and being topped up with a nice collection of monsters and a scroll or two to make exploration worthwhile ... 3 ways in [or are there], one way out that will lead to a totally new area, all good really ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not bother about it then.

Wake up Jeff; we need you for the show

... do we need more compelling proof that the FACT that TISM and the Wiggles have NEVER been seen on stage at the same time, to ocme to the wildly implausible fact that The Wiggles is in fact TISMs day job - it all fits, the skivvies, the balaclavas so yourng kiddies are not startled, how could I not have seen it before. Play some wiggles backwards on the turntable and you begin to unravel the satanic messages like "do not eat your broccoli" and "your mother likes your brother more that you" ... purest evil I tell you ... and do not get me started about Dorothy the Dinosaur - snarly bitch she is.
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Watching:: Making of "Monty Pythons Meaning of Life" [still cringing at the creosote explosion]
Reading:: Rolling Stone Magazine [still puzzled by Paris and her musical debut - pffft?]
Hearing:: "Music for the Knee Plays" by David Byrne [good old vynil]
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