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Theres a place for us

...so someone suggested that a campus was already too congested, and began looking afar for expansion points. The logical place to put kids is between a mental institution and a hostel for homeless men, so it came to be. Took a tour of the developing interior of an old service station and vehicle inspection thing and it looks like it will be hoopy - has cost a motza [a fact we are continutally reminded of].

... cost is relative to benefit [and benefit or cost may take some years to realise], not shiny trophys and empty words, cock-crowing and power wanking is wonkos opinion, but I digress.

Currently the building site is more like a bomb-site - electrics festooned from the ceiling, mounds of rubble and metal, dark corridors, pools of seepage, grey dust shrouds, shredded plastic, dusty empty echoey stairwells and scaffolding in various states of construction ... I love building sites, they are visually so interesting, seeing potential through the piles of crap via an imagination interests me greatly ... and then it hit me ... it looks a lot like it will in the TMUX equivalent currently being built ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well, never mind then.

Somewhere a place for us.

... have I mentioned how much I hate online ticket ordering systems? Please press "1" for this, "2" for that, "3" for the other ... hello, is there a PERSON there? Arrrgh!

"Little Brittain" tickets were due to go on sale, right, so me decided to get some for me and the family - onsale started at 9, sold out by 9.30 - aaargh, wanted 3 seats together, seemed not possible with automated system so ...

in quiet despiration I phoned a human and got good tickets almost straight away, another victory for humanity - huzzah!

Then, rather than go to the Big Day Out [which has a great lineup this year] I decided that wanted to go to "Roger Waters" more [and being economically responsible, decided I couldnae afford all], so like lambs to the slaughter [have the lambs stopped screaming yet Clarice?] I once again tried the online system, no way to indicate I wanted a seat that was wheelchair friendly, so ... in quiet despiration I phoned a human, and after having to listen to "please hold" music for a half an hour, I have seats [well one, my mate is bringing his own which I would guess will be more comfortable than the bum-breaker I have, but you get that] - start of 2007 should be a blast.

Peace and quiet and open air

... so I planted 7 grevilleas in a row, treated them equally to buckets of water once or so a week, and the middle one ups and drops dead ... all of a sudden ... talked to the nursery man who tried to convince me that it must have been treated differently, in the end agreeing to disagree and selling me a discount replacement

... grrr

... why can not the real world follow the script that has been written for it? Planted the replacement after first removing the surrounding soil [in case there was something nasty in it, seemed like a plan] and the developing hedge once again looks like it should. Problem? What problem? Cut out the dead wood and carry on regardless I say.

Wait for us, Somewhere.

One of the most powerful things I have ever been part of was a school production of "West Side Story". "somewhere" was a standout song from this musical, and one that was so beautifully covered later by Tom Waits - get yourself a copy of "Blue Valentine" and celebrate the joy of music.
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