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They took the credit for your second symphony.

... so there was two camera crews at this rock comp gig, and some old geezer got up and growled in german while some students played guitar, keyboards and drums and it seemed to go well [we were robbed of the prize - damn you *shakes fist*]. Sufficiently satisfied that it would go down in legend [mainly because it was a once-off, and was a radically different thing to do], one of the band members posted footage on GOOtube.

... a young student found it, by accident [lordy knows what he was looking for to stumble across it, hope it was something healthy like porn ... the mind boggles when you realise the title was "deutsch Bagge" but who can unravel the mysteries of youth?] and after my initial horror, I was quite chuffed really - certainly it was a standout moment of my 2006, I hope the rest of the guys shared some of that feeling [the band was just fantastic, yes that is really what I think, oh - by the way, which one is pink?]

Rewritten by machine and new technology,

... so I ordered "This Binary Universe" by some enigmatic band called "BT", cost a motza, but gee wizz it is interesting - a new concept [well, no, in truth, the concept is not new at all, just executed more geekily I guess] - music + art - the disk has audioCD which is full of interesting ambient soundscapes and a DVD with 5.1 surround sound versions of the music ... sooooo good ... and a complete animated accompanyment - video art - I like it. I want to do it. I wish I was talented enough ... valls of video sculpture, blurred boundaries to 3d animation, sculpture, photography all to a mesmerising modern electronic score ... mmmmm. Is live performance overrated?

and now I understand the problems you can see.

... so I am in the process of methodologising an existing space so it makes sense in a post-apocalyptic times - slightly left of future perfect ... and then this idea hits me ... wow, but you are not privileged to hear of it until I write some more but it makes sense - google on "Eco-Sphere". Sewers open, killing people all over the place ... eeexcellent [twiddles fingers Monty Burns style] ... not all beer and skittles

... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then.

Video killed the radio star...

... so the world is hungry for media-rich experiences; video on demand [although stifled by tiny bandwidths, crappy compression algorithms and buggy players] is rife; more and more pairs of previously well functioning eyes squint at tinier and tinier screens looking for something visual that is not too abysmal; 3d environments are out there [first life = real world; second life = 3d immersive social world - drop in, say hi to "Wonko Wizenhunt" my secondlife avatar]; personal music players are making people their own little entertainment islands; I worry that there might be the time when people lose the ability to interact with other people in real time, real world. It might be a nonsense, we are all social beings, but I see signs of kids withdrawing into these worlds, detatching themselves from friends and family, living for the time when they can "jack-in" again ... it is fun, inviting, immersive; but is it part of a balanced life - i do not know, time will tell I guess.

A big thanks to the 80s band "Buggles" for redefining plasti-pop, and making really big glasses with windscreen wipers on them fashionable.
Feeling:: accepting [and now, the end is near, and so they face the final ...]
Watching:: Tripping Over [and being put off international travel by the cacophony of things that can go wrong - good telly tho]
Reading:: Rolling Stone Magazine #659 [just for the gratuitous nudity and swearing]
Hearing:: "Together we are heavy" by The Polyphonic Spree [and trying to make sesne of it all - go here and have a go yourself ]
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b. (n.) To be saturated with gratuity such that the point of further utility is exceeded.
c. (n.) The satisfaction of getting something gratis -- without payment.
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