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...all manner of un-words

flopcorn (n.) The unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl you unknowingly pick up amongst popped kernels and crack a tooth on. ...read more
accordionated (adj.) Having a strong ability to control and manipulate accordion-like objects such as maps and oriental fans: as in, being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time. ...read more
acknodledge (v.) To nod at someone while walking in opposite directions in order to acknowledge their existence but not risk starting a conversation for fear of being considered as desperate or cause an awkward moment. ...read more
adminisphere 1. (n.) The levels of management where big, impractical, and counterproductive decisions are made.
2. (n) The gush of hot air emanating from a meeting room where unimportant decisions are being vigorously debated whilst vital issues are blithely moved to next weeks agenda. ...read more
anticompanionize (v.) A constant rejection of their boyfriends or girlfriends companion animal, or generally hating their partners cat, dog or ocelot for absolutely no reason at all. ...read more
apatheist (n.) One who denies the possible existence of a supreme being only because they have a lack of interest in discovering this for oneself. Often mistaken with an atheist who openly denies the existence of God or gods, and refuses to say otherwise. ...read more
backronym (n.) An acronym that was clearly thought of first, and the (usually dull minded) phrase was secondarily crafted to fit the acronym. Example: Determined Involved Supermodels Helping to End Suffering = DISHES! ...read more
bah (interj.) A derivative of the word, meh or mer. It can mean many things depending on the way it is said. Among other things, it can be used as a greeting. Its official counterpart is used to express impatient rejection or contempt. While certainly not wrong in definition, the official definition does not express the broadness in use that this word offers. ...read more
a. (n.) (fictitious) A banana free of bruises and other discrepancies.
b. (n.) Any specific bruise found on a banana.
c. (n) A stickey-outey appendage that bears a striking resemblance to a banana. ...read more
besmirchify (v.) Charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone. Origins: As used by Don King. ...read more
bitsing (v.) The act of singing only small portions of song verses or chorusses, usually repeatedly, often lyrrically incorrect and atonally disturbing. Variations include, bithum and bitspeak. ...read more
blamestorming (n.) A method of collectively finding one to blame for a mistake no one is willing to confess to. Often occurs in the form of a meeting of colleagues at work, gathered to decide who is to blame for a screw up. ...read more
bollockmonger (n.) One who deals in the commodity of absolute bollocks. Characterised by the constant stream of nonsense and ill-begotten opinion that pours from his/her mouth, all of which the bollockmonger himself firmly believes. They can never understand why people place no worth on a word they says. We all know one, or two. Origins: from bollock meaning balls, and monger meaning stickler. See also Testiculate. ...read more
bozone ( n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down any time in the forseeable future. ...read more
budby (n.) A nipple clearly defined through flimsy or wet material. Colloquially referred to as "headlights on" ...read more
caffiend (n.) One who is obsessed with consuming caffeine. Often surpasses caffeinatics in quantities of caffeine in the blood stream and in level of addiction. ...read more
calbliterate (v.tr.) To toy with something until it no longer works or is much worse than it originally was. Often the curse of those uncontrollable knob-twiddlers that tweak until it has twunked. ...read more
camouflush (n.) The unnecessary flushing of a public restroom toilet to mask embarrassing bodily sounds. ...read more
cappus lockus (n.) A dreaded affliction that causes ones capital lock to come on without their knowledge and stay on, causing people in a chat to think they are yelling at them for some time before the person realizes that their capital lock is on. ...read more
cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house or other major investment, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time. ...read more
clicklexia (n.) A disorder one suffers from in which they have a tendency to double-click on items which only require one click. Often resulting in two items opening instead of just one. This disorder is more often found in novices and aged computer users. ...read more
clumfert (n.) The invisible extra step at the top and bottom of a staircase. Usually materializes when one is carrying a large bag of groceries or some other large item that prevents one from seeing what is directly in front of them. ...read more
comedicide 1. (n.) The repetition of a comedical line, situation, or word until it has lost all meaning and/or humor.
2. (n.) The retelling of a good joke, where the comedy of the joke is completely lost in the retelling.
3. (n.) The telling of a terrible joke which incorperates elements of a recently told good joke, or example of wit. ...read more
curry mallet (n.) A large wooden or rubber club which poachers use to despatch cats or other game which they can only sell to Indian restaurants or Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets. For particularly small cats the price obtainable is not worth the cost of expending ammunition. ...read more
decompliment (v.) To immediately insult someone after complimenting them, thereby rendering the compliment void. ...read more
dementocracy (n.) A society in which the most demented, unstable, unsuitable or just plain scary members rise to the top. ...read more
derk 1. (n.) To be both a jerk and a dork at the same time. A jerk-foolish person.
2. (n.) Someone who presses a pedestrian crossing button more than once, or after someone has already pressed it, having the idea that it will make the lights change faster. ...read more
discombebopulate (v.) To be in a state of confusion as a result of loud car music, thereby causing one to lower the car stereo volume in order to better read a an address number on a house or building, or to pay a toll. ...read more
dobwalls (pl.n.) The now hard-boiled bits of nastiness which have to be prised off plates and cutlery by hand after it has been through a dishwasher. ...read more
dublexia (n.) A disorder marked by an inability to comprehend website URLs that do not start with the classic "www". ...read more
e-mo n. That indeterminant amount of time you wait on the end of a chat where the person you are messaging says "wait a moment". A standard e-mo varies in duration according to the anxiety YOU are facing, and is goverened by wonkos theory of temporal perception. ...read more
e-touch (n.) A method of staying in contact with friends by e-mail or other electronic devices. Origins: from the early 1980s; inadvertently also providing the perfect excuse for not doing so. ...read more
ebiot (n.) An online winning bidder who pays in excess of retail on a completely worthless item. ...read more
ediot (n.) A person who, after giving someone material to edit, continues to revise that same material without informing them. Alternatively a person that argues an edit due to some supposed grammatical error that merely points out the suggesters inability to master said grammar. ...read more
enterstainment (n.) Dubious, dreadful entertainment which leaves one feeling stained, like an episode of "Home and Away" or a Semi-Final of "Australian Idol" ...read more
fiblag (n.) The period of time that elapses when a police officer asks a suspect a simple question, such as, "what is your last name?" ...read more
fibliography 1. (n.) The sources you cite on a research paper for which you did no research at all. 2. (n.) Sources cited that you, either did not use, or used once, erroneously, because the source never actually pertained to your paper at all. ...read more
flurb verb - to fluff/make a mistake when trying to describe something and be unable to correct it ...read more
fretard (n.) One who is described as very retarded. Similar to fidiot and fugly. Contracted from fugly and retard. Used to express offense without resorting to vulgar words. The same contraction can be used for other purposes by adding the prefix f- to a word to describe it above others on a quantitative scale (as in floser, funcle, faunt, fincompetent). ...read more
gamovation (n.) The tendency to play a game, more frequently involving car racing or penguin luge, and physically move the way the car/penguin is moving on the monitor. ...read more
geekfiti (n) Random sections, partially erased comprising drawings, charts, diagrams and and other scribblings left behind on whiteboards by computer programmers and software designers. This is doubly 1337 if written in permanent marker by mistake and incompletely removed because of the lack of a suitable solvent that does not damage the surface of the whiteboard irreparably. See also: Nerdroglyphics ...read more
geekgasm 1. (n.) A feeling of intense pleasure that occurs as a result of a nerdy experience. Example: He had a geekgasm after receiving a new patch for his software without having to pay for it or find a reghack.
2. (v.) To experience a geekgasm. Example: Eric geekgasmed after spotting the original Marvin robot from the TV series of HHGTTG in a scene from the new HHGTTG Movie. ...read more
geekify (v.) To turn someone to the geek side of the force - most often turning someone else into a geek through mentorship. To be distinguished from "dweebify" which is to dumb-down via mis-information or "nerdify" which is to embellish a topic with perfectly correct but totally useless information. ...read more
giraffiti (n.pl.) Any graffiti drawn in a very, very high place, such as the famous "One more step and the rabbit gets it" on the top pane of the glass AMP building; or "Damo sux arse" sprayed atop the transformer of West End train depot. ...read more
glenties (pl.n.) Series of small steps by which someone who has made a serious tactical error in a conversion or argument moves from complete disagreement to wholehearted agreement. Similar to a Blother. ...read more
googleplexed (n) The state of being totally flummoxed by the plethora of porn sites offered at the top of a search engine results page when you search for something that is NOT porn. Not to be confused with "googleflacation" which is the let-down one experiences when being unable to locate porn by purposefully using a search engine for that purpose, after deliberately typing in something naughty as a search term. ...read more
GPX (acro.) Global Positioning eX system; the habit of informing people where they have seen ones ex-lover. Women in particular seem to think seeing their significant others ex is a reason in itself of contacting them. In this way one can track their exs movement without actually spotting them. ...read more
gratisfaction a. (n.) The state of being simultaneously gratified and satisfied.
b. (n.) To be saturated with gratuity such that the point of further utility is exceeded.
c. (n.) The satisfaction of getting something gratis -- without payment. ...read more
hallucidate 1. (v.) To elucidate by means of a hallucination. 2. (v.) To have a hallucination that clears up something or clears up the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. ...read more
heteroflexible adj.) Describing one who is predominantly heterosexual, but is willing to partake in homosexual acts. ...read more
hicci (n.) A single involuntary respiratory convulsion aka a hiccup; the genitive singular form of hiccup; expressing a possessive relationship to a hiccup. Example: He is the producer of many hicci. ...read more
hipatitis (n.) A terminal coolness contracted by a person that is described as being so cool, he/she would cease to exist if left untreated. ...read more
hodnet (n.) The wooden safety platform supported by scaffolding round a building under construction from which the builders (at almost no personal risk) can drop pieces of cement on passers-by. ...read more
iconoblast (v.) To punctuate your instant message with an excess of icons to the point where it becomes unreadible because there is too much jiggling, cycling and throbbing to concentrate. ...read more
ignorement (n.) The act or process of ignoring. A noun that signifies ignoring something or somebody, corresponding to the verb ignore, but different from ignorance (which is derived from ignore, but has a different meaning, "lack of knowledge"). Origins: Latin ignorare ignorant, and Latin -men denoting concrete result. From treatment, excitement. ...read more
intaxication - The euphoria and wild elation you experience when receiving a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with, and is then replaced with "bracket creep" as you realise someone richer than you is able to engineer a bigger slice of return than you. ...read more
iping (participial vb.) The increasingly anxious shifting from leg to leg you go through when you are desperate to go to the lavatory and the person you are talking to keeps on remembering a few final things he want to mention. ...read more
jampage (v.) The screaming and dancing rampage one goes on when they jam or stub a body part on a household object. ...read more
justifiction a. (n.) Any act in which a person fraudulently defends, explains, or makes excuses for an action through false reasoning.
b. (n.) Something known not to be a fact or circumstance presented to support an action as reasonable or necessary.
c. (n.) A statement, known to be false, presented in explanation of some action or belief. ...read more
karmageddon (n.) It is like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it is like a serious bummer, you know? Not to be confused with "carmageddon" which occurs at peak-hour on any city freeway or arterial. ...read more
keybergoo . (adj.) Used to describe the sticky keyboard of a computer or musical instrument after food, drink, or some other sticky substance is dropped on it. ...read more
lactomangulation 1. (n.) When one accidently forces open the wrong side of a milk container not realizing the fact. 2. (n.) Manhandling the "open here" spout on a milk container so badly that one has to resort to the "illegal" side. ...read more
lowther: (vb.) (Of a large group of people who have been to the cinema together.) To stand aimlessly about on the footpath and argue about whether to go and eat either a Chinese meal nearby or an Indian meal at a restaurant which somebody says is very good but is not very good and continue this argument until all reasonable places are closed and all are forced to grab a doner kebab [whether or not they know the name of the doner] ...read more
lubcroy (n.) The telltale little lump in the top of your swimming trunks which tells you are going to have to spend half an hour with a safety pin trying to pull the drawstring out again. ...read more
magniphobia 1. (n.) The fear of magnification and anything related to magnifying.
2. (n.) The fear that the object in the side mirror is much much closer than it appears. ...read more
manabananabulimicchick 1. (n.) A bulimic rooster that likes bananas. ...read more
margraine a. (n.) The blinding pain one suffers from drinking margarita slush too quickly.
b. (n.) The intense headache that follows a persons attempt at chugging a litre of pure melted margarine, all in one sitting; often the cause of obesity or extreme jealousy depending on the persons ability to hide such large amounts of fat. ...read more
mattricide (n.) The act of removing the "DO NOT REMOVE" tag on a mattress, thus, somehow rendering the mattress invalid. ...read more
meetnik (n.) a person who enjoys meetings and all sorts of administrative events and tries to attend as many of them as possible. Origins: meet from Middle English meten to assemble, and -nik from the early 1960 ...read more
mousturbate 1. (v.) To wiggle a mouse in an oscillatory fashion in order to locate a lost cusor on a computer monitor set at a monumentally high resolution.
2. (v.) To constantly move the mouse in circular motion while clicking and browsing, thereby demonstrating your impatience with the computer, but unwittingly actually slowing down said computer in the process. As in: "Mitch, stop mousturbating." ...read more
napjerk (n.) The sudden convulsion of the body just as one is about to doze off, often accompanied by an embarrasing snort. ...read more
narf a. (interj.) The uncontrollable sound an idiot might make.
b. (interj.) The word used when no other words will suffice.
c. (interj.) An exclamation emitted when ones brain farts and sound deploys. ...read more
neophilia n The trait of being excited and pleased by novelty. Common trait of most hackers, SF fans, and members of several other connected leading-edge subcultures including the pro-technology Whole Earth wing of the ecology movement, space activists, many members of Mensa, and the Discordian/neo-pagan underground. All these groups overlap and seem to share characteristic hacker tropisms for science fiction, music and Asian food. ...read more
nervert (adj.) A nervy computer nerd whose wavering skills are dedicated to stealtily surfing for obscure anime or pornographic materials whilst pretending to research his religion essay. ...read more
newify (v.) To make something, that once looked old or un-hoopy, become new again through skinning, refurbishing, painting, repairing, or some other activity dealing merely with the surface. ...read more
obliviot (n.) Someone who is completely unaware of their idiocy, even when it is patently obvious to all and sundry by word, action and deed. Obliviots cannot be told as, althought they listen, they generally do not hear anything other than what they want to hear. ...read more
oldfolkals : (n.pl.) The eyeglasses one needs when they can no longer see anything more than 10 feet away and their arms appear to have shrunk to the point that they can no longer read the comics in the newspaper. ...read more
onosecond (n.) The period of time one spends between pressing the "send" button and then realizing that they really shouldn’t have sent that e-mail message. ...read more
pabby (n.,vb.) (Fencing term.) The play, or manoeuvre, where one swordsman leaps on to the table and pulls the battleaxe off the wall. ...read more
parannoy (v.) The act of annoying someone in such a fashion that you make him or her paranoid. ...read more
PEBKAC (acro.) Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair; used by support people, particularly at call centers and help desks. Not used with the public. Considered very derogatory. ...read more
pedaeration (n.) Achieving perfect body heat by having one leg under the sheets and one hanging off the edge of the bed. ...read more
pedwipe (v.) The action of cleaning liquid off the floor with a sock that is still on ones foot because one has run out of paper towels, is to lazy to go get something else to clean it up, or is to lazy to lean over and clean it properly. Invariably it is followed by forgetting you have done this before plunging your foot into your previously clean sneakers, forever cursing them with odours of sour milk and red cordial. ...read more
pelp (n.) The crumbs and food particles that accumulate in the cracks of dining tables and under the keys of your keyboard, only to emerge when you clean or invert said container. May also contain skin, dried snot and other mystery substances that defy identification. ...read more
perugolation 1. (n.) The act of making up words. A perugolator is one who partakes in perugolation. 2. (n.) The compulsion to create words where normal words fail the inventor. For examples see any George Bush speech. ...read more
petonic (adj.) One who is too embarrassed to undress in front of a household pet or indoor plants. ...read more
phonesia 1. (n.) The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer.
2. (n.) Getting to the end of a listen of options on a recorded helpline number, only to forget which option one wanted; forcing them to listen to them again, and in some cases having to redial the number. ...read more
pitsligo (n.) Part of traditional mating rite. During the hottest days of spring and summer, males of the species, travelling on bus or train start giving up their seats to females of the species and straphanging. The purpose of pitsligo is for them to demonstrate their manhood by displaying the wet patches under their arms. ...read more
pockalanche (n.) Perpetual action of reaching down to pick up an item fallen from a shirt pocket, only to have another item fall out. ...read more
prostherity (n.) Collecting fake limbs for futures sake. Origins: The combination of prosthetic, artificial body parts, and posterity, refering to a persons decendants (Often used in refering to success in spreading his genes on through two or more generations of decendants). ...read more
quierd (adj.) Something that is both queer and weird at the same time, or oddly gay, or poofy but peculiar. ...read more
ramsgate (n.) All institutional buildings must, by law, contain at least twenty ramsgates. These are doors which open the opposite way to the one you expect. ...read more
rediculadundent (adj.) Having done or said something stupid over and over again. Examples: (1) Everyday that it rains on my way to work I step in the same puddle! It has gotta be the most rediculadundent thing I do. (2)Dude, face it; you can not dance. Getting out on the dance floor again would be pretty dang rediculadundent! ...read more
reilliterate (v.) To explain over and over, until the audience has no idea what you are talking about and even less interest in finding out whether you can fill them in on what they missed. ...read more
repihumoror a. (n.) One who tells the same joke repeatedly to the same people without realizing it, thinking the joke will be funny, again.
b. (n.) One who repeats jokes he or she has seen on television or heard on the radio. ...read more
retox (v.tr.) The act of replenishing toxic substances that may have been depleted over time. ...read more
rokblok 1. (n.) Deflection off a small rock or pebble on a cricket pitch thereby changing the direction of the cricket ball.
2. (n.) The inability to remember any lyrics of any song, no matter how well rehearsed. Usually occurs in the splt second just before taking hold of the microphone, often overome by vigorous gesticulation and much headbanging. ...read more
sacrelicous (adj.) A statement describing something that tastes delightful, yet it is sacrilegious. Example: If an Jewish Orthodox man were to eat pork, he would exclaim, "Sacrelicous!" if he were to enjoy it. ...read more
scandroid 1. (n.) The drones that work long hours in the checkout lines scanning the items people buy.
2. (n.) One of many striped price codes that mysteriously began appearing on consumer products back in the 1990s. ...read more
sconser (n.) A person who looks around when talking to you, to see if there is anyone more interesting than you about. ...read more
shoop (n.) The singular form of sheep. Also applicable to fish as foosh. In the case singular moose, meese is the plural form.
Example: Oh look, there ...read more
shriting (v.) To form poor, unreadable symbols or letters on a surface such as paper. It often is described as writing to the one who wrote the symbols, but to others it is considered to be shitty. This form of writing is often so bad that others must ask the writer about each individual squiggle. ...read more
silesia (n. medical) The inability to remember, at the critical moment, which is the better side of a boat to be seasick off. ...read more
skiffy (n.) A somewhat less derogatory way of referring to someone who the mainstream would refer to as a "sci-fi geek." Origins: Sci-Fi is to skiffy as SCSI is to scuzzy. ...read more
snaktrek (n.) A voyage through your cupboards and refrigerator, where no man has gone before, in search of a snack. ...read more
sweeldorp a square wheel used in countries where the people do not like to travel. It can be made of various kinds of woven roots and twigs. When not in use it is usually hung over the front door. ...read more
telebility (n.) The ability to tell if a television is on by hearing a high pitched ringing in your ear from around the corner, or anywhere in the house. Coupled with the innate ability to discern whether the programming broadcast at that moment i also crap or not. ...read more
telepathetic - (adj.) Describing a miserable failure in an attempt to use mental telepathy to communicate or receive information on any level. ...read more
thermalophobia (n.) An abnormal fear when one is showering that someone might sneak in, flush the toilet, and scald them to death. ...read more
thumblexic (v) The seeming inability to comprehend nor compose SMS-based appreviated messages without correcting the grammar, including punctuation and using capitals (I cn not git d hang of DIS fone basD slang) ...read more
thumbulate : 1. (v.) To push harder on a button in hopes that that will revive a remote with clearly dead batteries. 2. (v.) To lean forward while pressing the buttons on the remote hoping that the extra inch will make the remote control work better. Also: thumbulation ...read more
tictactic 1. (n.) The technique used to try and retrieve the last remaining tic-tac from its container.
2. (n.) The supposed "never-fail" strategy used by habitual losers in a game of noughts and crosses. ...read more
trafficated (v.tr.) A state in which the roads are packed so full of traffic that it is beyond what normal bad traffic can describe. ...read more
treeware 1. (n.) Hacker slang for documentation or other printed material.
2. (n) Alternative name for decorations on lavishes on a pine tree near the end of a calendar year to disguise the fact that it is gradually turning brown and then proceeds to dump its needle-like foliage onto the expensive carpet so that it works its way permanently into the shagpile. ...read more
tumby (n.) The involuntary abdominal gurgling which fills the silence following someone else talking about something difficult or embarrassing. ...read more
undex (n.) A concise, alphabetical listing of all the topics that should have been covered (or indexed) in an assignment, book or article, but were neatly avoided completely. ...read more
unultimationer (n.) One who always thinks they are the best, but to others they are considered as a joke or cheesy. Origins: English Ultimation of or relating to being ultimate or superior, and Latin ultimus farthest, last, superlative of. ...read more
Vegetabible (n.) A book pertaining to the ways that a vegetable should live. Sometimes confused with a gardeners book on growing vegetables or a Vegans guide to humane treatment of sensitive root crops. ...read more
vegetabible (n.) A book pertaining to the ways that a vegetable should live. Sometimes referred to as a gardeners book on growing vegetables. Often confused with a treatise on why vegan lifestyles are actually healthy. ...read more
videocracy (n.) The power of visual images in shaping contemporary societies; the crucial impact of television, cinema, internet, and advertising on public opinion, political affairs, market strategies, etc. Origins: from Latin video, I see and Latin cratia, from Greek kratos, power, rule; cf. ideocracy) Example: Ideocracy is dead, the so-called communist countries are communist no longer. Was it the power of democratic ideals or American style videocracy that ended the communist utopia? Perhaps videocracy has become an indispensable part of democracy in the media age. ...read more
vigilauntie (n.) That relative in every family who is snoopy and always poking her nose into other peoples business, offering personal opinions to complete strangers on the bus and who always sends you hand-knitted presents two sizes too small, either months before or after but never on your actual birthday. ...read more
webbiage (n.) Excessive use of web tools and design beyond those needed to present a certain content or achieve a certain goal. Origins: from Old English wefan to weave and from English verbiage (French verbier chatter). Example: Why do you need all this webbiage? Keep it simple, stupid! ...read more
wuzgonna (v.tr.) The intention to complete a task prior to thinking of an excuse or reason not to complete said task. Like a "gunnah" only more apologetic about not actually getting to the task. ...read more
xeroxpox (n.) Skin disease of copier paper, characterized by the appearance of black powdery blotches, wrinkles in all the wrong places, skipped print registration making reading of a diagonal section of words impossible or an impossible to remove page-curl. ...read more
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