Consultant in Residence 2000

Art Competition Results

Doug Hainstock
Winning Logo
Design Study by
Doug Hainstock
Andrew DeClara
Winning CD
Design Study by
Andrew DeClara
The judges liked Doug's concept of many pieces/facets to Terrace life and the puzzle motif was thought to be useful as a design element for use throughout the product. The red and black were evident and the suggested Celtic cross in the background also provide a strong visual link.
Doug wins an Epson Colour Inkjet Printer
donated by Epson.
Andrew has manages to capture some of the spirit of the red and black in this bold yet effective CD design. The strong use of colour and the abstract use of GT add interest, with the crest to tie back to Terrace's historical past.
Andrew wins a Colour Scanner
donated by Academic Computer Services.

Honourable Mention

The following entries win Epson Summer Fun Packs

John Mackintosh
by John Mackintosh
Patrick McManus
by Patrick McManus
John McGraw
by John McGraw
Paul Clarke
by Paul Clarke
Daniel Griffin
by Daniel Griffin
Matthew O'Gorman
by Matthew O'Gorman
Alastair McSweeny
by Alastair McSweeny
S. Cook
by S. Cook
Mark McGraw
by Mark McGraw
Tom Boosey
by Tom Boosey
Stuart Peachy
by Stuart Peachey
Grant McGrath
by Grant McGrath
Michael Baartz
by Michael Baartz
Tim O'Shea
by Tim O'Shea
Steven Wainhouse
by Steven Wainhouse
Thomas Frkovic
by Thomas Frkovic