Space Budget for CDROM

There a total of 640Mb to specify here.

A DIRECTORY TREE of the development area is available here

Initial forcasting includes the following items:

Item Budget Actual Details
Plugins 20Mb
Flash Player v? ?Mb
Quicktime v? ?Mb
Media Player v6.4 3.6Mb
Internet Explorer
(inc. Core Fonts, JVM)
v5.01 10.6Mb
Web content <50Mb pages containing content
Media 550Mb Video/Audio (MP3 for aud)
Photos/Graphics (gif/jpg)
QTVRs - approx 350Kb each ( 500x350px render size) x 5 @ tennyson, 6 @ Terracce, 1 @ Pugin's Chapel and 2 @ maroon)
Navigation <5Mb Navigation, menus, Flash

Naturally, preference for Web content and photo/graphics, to ensure all of the supplied content makes it to a page somewhere. Video/Audio may need to be rationalised/sacrificed depending on space available.