Project Credits and Greets


Br. L.E. Magee Consultant in Residence Committee, 2000

Tricia Stott (Chairperson), Peter Whitehouse, Michael Dezuanni, Vicki Sargent, Paul Sayer, Angela Ramsay, Vivienne Cassidy, Mary Jo Katter, Tim Young

Project Managers

Peter Whitehouse, Christopher Thomas, Christopher Smeed

CIR2000 Steering Committee

Tricia Stott (Chairperson), Gordon Joughin (Consultant in Residence Griffith Flexible Learning Services), Peter Whitehouse (Project Manager, Head Faculty Information Services), Chris Thomas (Project Manager), Chris Smeed (Project Manager), Fergus Gagen ( School Archivist), Richard Hart (History Coordinator), David Druery (Head of Primary School), Patricia Barry, John Beaton, Matthew Brandon, Vivienne Cassidy, Michael Cook, Nigel Cotterill, Geoff Gault, Catherine Hudson, Cathy Legh, Bob Looney, Russ Nelson, Michael O’Flynn, Angela Ramsay, Chris Rix, Josephine Robertson, Anthony Ryan, Daniel Sandaver, Peter Sandaver, Paul Sayer, Ann Scott, Ursula Schauer, Gerard Sprenger, David Symons, Denise Taylor, Trish Vedelago, Tim Young.

Griffith University Flexible Learning Services

Gordon Joughin Consultant Coordinator, Liason Extraordinaire and Instructor (Interface Design) GFLS
Jan Williams Consultant Coordinator and Instructor (Interface Design) GFLS
Grant Sinclair Instructor (Corel Draw Graphics and Flash) GFLS
Rod Jong Instructor (HTML/Dreamweaver Design) GFLS
Kevin Judge Instructor (Digital Video Capture and Adobe Premiere Editing) GFLS
Gareth Oakes Instructor (Java Script) GFLS
Amy Coleman Instructor (Quicktime VR) GFLS

Content and Research

The Consultant in Residence Project for 2000 owes a hugh debt to Brian McKeering (RIP 1996) for the use of historic writings of his that have been used as part of the source material for this project. We thank his family for permission to use them.
College Archives Brother Fergus Gagen

Soccer Research

Ursula Schauer

GTOBA Research

Paul Sayer

Gymnastics Research

Bob Looney, Anthony Haywood and Ken Hainstock

Cricket Research

Jack McLaughlin, Paul Sweeney


Damien Coman

P. A. A.

Cathy Hudson, Denise Taylor, Zelle Hodge, Cathy Douglas, Sabina O’Callaghan, Virginia Morgan, Tricia Chandon


Michael O’Flynn

T. L. G.

Angela Ramsay, Cathy Legh, Trish Vedelago, Lea Young


Geoff Gault


Gerard Sprenger, Vivienne Cassidy


Josephine Robertson


Peter Sandaver


Charles Hudson


Connie Pizatto, David Yeowart, Geoff Ludlow

R. E.

Trish Vedelago, Judy Bartels, Aileen Stirling, Anne Doyle, Cathy Hudson

P & F

Anne Scott, John Beaton

Additional Research Gerard O'Gorman, David Murphy, Sam Clifford, James Mahoney, Michael Tunbridge, Damian Wright, Anthony Massingham, Glen Schafer, Oliver Kelly, Murray Hodges, Nicholas Pincus

Electronic Content Processing

Oliver Kelly, Peter Whitehouse, Christopher Smeed

HTML Team (Interface)

Ben Walsh, Chris Upton, Tim Stephens, James Shobbrook, Roger Hosking, Duncan Watson, Andrew Hodge, Douglas Gardiner, Liam O'Sullivan, Jeffrey Tanner, William Ho, Brad Garrett, Timothy Larkin, Matthew Kowalski, Chris Thomas, Chris Smeed, Peter Whitehouse

Flash Team (Animation)

David Yeowart, Michael Knauth, Martin Taylor, Hamish Beynon, Chris Smeed, Ben Steel, Jon Shun Wah

Graphics Team (Illustration)

Simon Hipgrave, David Poxon, Patrick Ellwood, James Dean, Chris Thomas, Peter Whitehouse

Quicktime Team (Panoramic tours)

Andrew Holles, James Tierney, Jarad Smith, Michael Hobday, Sean Donovan, Christopher Ashworth

Video/Audio Team

Matthew Pelekanos, Matthew White, Jarad Costantini, Daniel Murphy, David Simpson

Javascript Team (Programming, Launcher, Bundled software)

Paul Whitman, Anthony Sexton, William O'Callaghan, Quentin Morley

Content Editors

Tricia Stott, Peter Whitehouse, Cathy Legh, Angela Ramsay, Margie Kilmartin, Mary Jo Katter, Ted Walker

Data Entry

Kathy Wilson (a huge thank-you), Tricia Stott, Oliver Kelly, Peter Whitehouse, Christopher Smeed


Epson Donation of an Injet printer as a prize for the Logo Competition
Northside Computers Donation of a Colour Scanner as a prize for the Logo Competition
Total Office Systems, 91-93 Bridge St, Fortitude Valley, ph: 3252 5299 Donation of $150 open order of computer consumables for use as a Team prize
Terrace Ladies Group Finance and Support
Old Boys Association Finance and Support
Parents and Friends Association Finance and Support