CIR2000 - Technical Production Issues

Term 3 marks the beginning of the technical production phase, where all the separate parts of the project come together into a single product - a CDROM.

Tying together a project of this magnitude relies on many people doing many things that all complement each other. We want to avoid having to re-do anything - this will require a high level of planning and some executive decisions.

Team Leaders will need to work closely with Project Managers to ensure they understand what is required of their teams. Additionally, they will need to coordinate their team effectively to ensure tasks are spread equitably and deadlines are met.

With each section/component, decisions regarding look and feel will have been made prior to production. To ensure consistent implementation, we need to ensure these guidelines are followed (ad-libbing may necessitate time-wasting repetition or worse re-doing) - check before varying from set tasks please.

last updated 11:30pm 14/09/2000 - wOnKo