Markup Conventions and Styles

This is going to be a LARGE collection of pages, dealt with by lots of different authors. We need to specify conventions to be used to ensure that it all looks like it belongs to the same thing.

The main interface is a frameset - each pane in the frame needs to be treated differently, depending on the sort of stuff the pane contains. The main story pane, for example, will contain moslty text - this differs from the navigation pane which differs again from the media pane.

A sample Content page is here - colourbg
A second sample Content page is here - greyscale
A further sample Content page is here - crestpale&fuzzybg

Element Value Used when?
heading 2

Main Page Titles - #660000

heading 3

Sub-Headings - #333333

meta p, I

Meta-data - #666666

text   Black - #000000
All Standard content
link   #990000 (the colour of a link before you click on it)
vlink   #990000 (the colour of a visited link)
alink   #996633 (the colour it goes when you click on it)
bgcolor   #FFFFFF
bgimage   subtle textures/bitmaps - context relevant 2000x2000 15% compression, jpeg - ajust brightness, contrast, gamma to match each other, blur X2 (approx 50Kb each)
font group   Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif