Graphics and Navigation

The original puzzle motif was in the shape of Australia - like the puzzle pieces, not sure of the relevance of the map of aust - mutate the design into an artistically (unlike the stuff that follows) arranged part of a jigsaw and you have a motif that can be re-used all over the place.

We have a number of different navigation challenges in this product. We want the fixed navigation to be intuitive and useful (not just there because we wanted something there.

The contextual nav is broken down (in my head) into 2 types. TOPIC navigation (via flash) and SEEALSO nav. The seealso nav can exist for each entry (I think we can extract the relevant hrefs fro the content database) - should it be in a frame on it's own or should it head the content frame (could also foot it as well) or would that look clumsy?

The database will generate the SEE ALSO navigation, providing links to some related pages - we will do this by sub-string searches on key meta-data fields from the database - preliminary experiments would suggest this will work well. We also need a search engine (there is a Java one available - thanks Macromedia - we need to feed it a text version of the content, indexed - once again, out database can deliver that, so no probs here)

Mouse rollovers are important here - they will help the user around an otherwise labrynthal product. We should decide on a 'look and feel' for these, so the flash and the jscripted ones look like they were made together (rather than on different planets).

a possible screen shot

the puzzle motif explored a little

link to a puzzle piece as a .cdr file (13kb).

Puzzle mosiac starter here (6k)

link to the TERRACE crest (40k)

Each puzzle piece could be a click-on leading to something, could have a mouseover event that changes the mosaic of images in an interesting way