Photo Guidelines

The treatment of photographs that have been scanned needs some thought and consistency for them to look good when viewed one after the other. That is not to say many photos will be displayed together necessarily, rather there needs to be some visual continuty that is not distracting to the viewer.

There are many options available to us:

Black and White Photographs:

b&w original
sepia 'treated' with frame and dropshadow

We are using bg colours and subtle bg images (white with light relief) under the content
- no drop shadow - looks cheesy. We want the images to look tidy, like they havn't merely been scanned and 'plonked' on the page - if you get my meaning?

Colour Photographs

Leave them as full colour - JPG's - capture @ 300dpi, resample later.

Naming Conventions

Photos will be coded to match database entries or particular forms (people, places, events etc.). Ensure the whole name is lowercase, contains NO spaces or punctuation marks. Every photo goes in it's appropriate location (eg. people/img for images associated with a person form). Graphics file name is a derivative of the form code (if more than one image for that for, , append a..b..c etc to uniquely id them