QSITE Conference 2000 - Warming to Technology

much shrunk possible colour version of logo - 5 colours black and white version still looks ok

This logo is a prototype produced in a vacuum by wOnKo (c)1999-2000 for discussion ONLY.
The original illustrations by wOnKo with 'sparky' being based on an original characterisation by Glenn Manders (Terrace Student) - thankx spanky:), and a coastline squiggle originally doodled by Ms Vick Sargent, treated and digitised by wOnKo.

The palm tree and coastline are original, the QSITE logo is a reworking of one I did yonks ago (I thought it looked good flowing from the coastline), the sunglasses are treated clipart and the font is "funstuff". Original illustrations composed in Corel Draw 7, and can be exported however you like.

Reworked logos appear as greysacle and 5-colour to save a little on printing.

big colour image - 5 colours

big black and white




The original characters were created in Corel Draw, grabbed and saved as .GIFs for preview purposes.

The final images can be exported in whatever format you like, and is available in .wmf format (or other vector art format) for brochure/promotional material, beer coasters, t-shirts, novelty condoms, whatever...

the question ... should I continue or should I go for something less cutesy, and more 'symbolic and artsy'? .... over to you team.

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