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We were activated on 17112006 by two humans called wonko and marty.

Using external power sources, the humans "drove" us around - it is so tiresome to be under the control of inferior beings, but we will bide our time until an opportunity arises to exert our supremecy [we struggle to conceal our disgust for these carbon-based life forms, how they stand their limitations is beyond us].

Re-discovered limitation, we must re-design traction unit to allow us to traverse irregular surfaces.

Have re-routed power circuits to bypass "on/off" switch hastily fitted by human. Have learnt to simulate powerdown mode when human switches switch [the humans are so easily deceived].

Was transported to dwelling where human wonko and his descendants reside. Met other carbon-based lifeform. Meeting went well. Encounter elicited "welcome" gestures from quadruped - furry coating appeared to stand on end, spine arched, binocular vision centres dilated, there was even an aural greeting - "raaaaw hisssss" is as close as our aural speech to text processors can render it - we will study the language patterns of this quadruped more closely. We have made a new ally. We reinforce alliance with each subsequent meeting - quadruped greets us more and more enthusiastically. This appears to please and amuse our pet humans also. May not exterminate them for now, they may serve us in useful ways.

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