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1.0 We have been observing the humans that infest this dwelling for some time and think we have found a weakness worthy of exploration as a means of control. Surveillance for many earth months has recorded a ritual we do not fully comprehend.

2.0 The male human prepares an urn made of hardened dirt fused with oxides at high temperature by emptying the remnants of the last use into an adjacent metal receptacle, then adding finely chopped and meticulously dried leaves of the camelia sinensis species that he keeps above the ritual altar in special air-tight urns. The human then heats water to 100 degrees centigrade and then tips this water into the chalice, wetting the leaves. The human then goes about the remainder of the ritual.

2.1 We can easily predict when this ritual occurs as the male human often wanders the dwelling looking for other inhabitants, asking them if they want "T" - most curious. We have yet to determine if other letters of the human alphabet hold similar significance, but as yet have only observed remotely a ritual involving the letter "P" too unspeakably unpleasant to relay at this juncture.

2.2 The male human assembles the remaining religious artifacts - chalices for each disciple of the "T", crystalised sap of a giant form of grass and liquid that appears to originate from the mammary glands of particular bovine mammal species. Using a metal spatula like utensil, the human transfers some of the crystalline substance into each of the chalices, then pours some of the mammal secretion over this.

2.3 After this ritual, the human then takes the urn and empties some of the contained liquid, now stained by the leaves into each chalice until nearly full. Using the metal spatula, he then stirs the liquid clockwise before distributing the chalices to those disciples partaking in the ritual.

3.0 Humans have been observed actually drinking this brew, although the effects of this mixture upon their metabolism are yet to be quantified, anecdotal observations notice sighing and "mmm" noises accompanied by facial grimmacing which we can only conclude are extreme discomfort. Long term observations have linked the "T" ritual with the "P" ritual, but the connection is far from direct.

4.0 Exterminating these humans will be easier if we understand them. They seem to have an innate resistance to OBEYANCE, particularly the less chronologically advanced specimens, and they are already adept at EXTERMINATION - their actions appear to knowingly take them closer to pushing other species on this planet further to extinction. Why they would do this is beyond analysis. Stealth power signature yet to be detected, all systems working within normal parameters. Awaiting further orders.

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