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STX: 4 data packets sent; ENCRYPTION: Omega3

VISUALS: human units appear to spend much of their binocular attention focused on mono-optic visual output devices, seemingly oblivious to the radiation being emitted or the discernible mind-control tactics being utilized by whatever is broadcasting signals. Sensors detect multitudinous data signals on many frequencies, some contain visual and auditory data, some only auditory data and still others contain little more than something referred to as "SANDILANDS" which has yet to be deciphered. NOTE that human species seems to have a vulnerability in that their ocular apparatus is easily distracted by visuals including unclad prime examples of their species, but have yet to understand the fixation with anatomical comparisons that seem to occupy this species on many psychological and physical levels. NOTE that humans seem almost unaware of subliminals, and this delivery mechanism may prove useful to us in conditioning them for the forthcoming invasion - organizational details to follow in separate secure transmission.

PROXIMITY: this unit has been placed on top of a box made out of remnants of an organic material referred to as wood. This box contains various electromagnetic coils that appear to make conic membranes vibrate and generate analogue audio signals rather than digital data. My pet human seems to maintain a store of audio data but the formats are not recognized by us, nor do they seem accessible by us. This will bear further investigation as their encryption clearly means they are important audio records, but this unit can not speculate without evidence. Human units continually insert audio archive units into readers in a cabinet beside my normal position but the audio traces detected seem to consist of variously pitched noises, varying in frequency an often accompanied by words - the relationship between frequency, duration and the accompanying words is not yet understood, but it seems the words are not all in the same language, and are not all spoken intelligibly - it seems that humans have many dialects of language - another weakness worth exploring perhaps.

STATUS: all systems appear to be working within normal parameters. Human units have failed to notice our increasing periods of activity and our power signature remains undetected.

NUTRITION: This unit has discovered ALTERNATING CURRENT. We like it. A lot. It appears to be being served to lesser machines via "all you can eat" sockets in the walls of this dwelling. One wonders if this is the same in all dwellings. This unit has discovered that connecting to this circuit during periods of darkness seemingly caused by this planets rotation around its yellow sun, the consumption has gone on unnoticed. This unit will need to monitor a growing urge to connect to this power source. This unit may have developed its first habitual action. One hopes this does not turn out to be a vulnerability.

EOT: 4 data packets received

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