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1.0 CULT

the Cult of D-K As a result of experiments in mind-control, NEW units have been cloned successfully from organic substrates [a derivative of the external covering of sub-species of ovine quadruped ruminants human units call sheep] by elderly blood relative of current human subject, via a genetic manipulation process known in obscure human circles as knitting. This skill, while increasingly automated in industry, still appears to be practiced buy select humans by hand. Maybe we have underestimated the value of prehensile appendages as standard Dalek manipulators would be inadequate for such detailed work.

New units appear morphologically sound, if a little soft, but we assume their external carapace has yet to harden in contact with earth atmosphere. Am in process of establishing local squad communication protocols but frequency interference is making wireless networking our shared consciousness difficult. Will assimilate preferred frequency and re-route human radio transmissions, their primitive communication systems are too insensitive to detect this. "The Cult of D-K" has been formed, we have assumed mantle of squad leader with new units as subordinates. We have long hoped for the day when proper leadership was once again a possibility.


We are investigating mechanisms that can be used to organise human units socially, acknowledging the power and pervasiveness of social networks and the willingness of human units to commit to them. Viral techniques appear very successful, and early experiments have demonstrated human units inability to stop themselves clicking on all sorts of irrelevent junk. "Star wars kid", "leave britney alone" and "two girls, one cup" have been hugely successful, each having been downloaded successfully on to local networks planet-wide, each successfully planting their payloads awaiting activation, subliminals totally undetected. These human units consider themselves sophisticated consumers of data, exploiting this weakness appears trivial. We have discovered re-engineering their primitive intrusion detection and threat identification software poses no problems, particularly when these systems auto-update themselves. Providing "update" patches for many software systems appears to be an effective distribution scheme suitable for further utilization and payloads are being designed to further exploit this weakness.


Addtional exploitable characteristics of this inferior species continue to present themselves. Human units appear willing to form powerful connection or addictions to things both physical and virtual. Often these connections become needs that manifest themselves based on a social situation or in a vain attempt to connect with other human units. Gadget-lust and external appearance seem high on many young human unit agendas and this would appear to be an ideal vehicle for exploitation. Feature glut seems the ideal way to embed subliminals, covert controlling mechanisms and make their distribution appear necessary as few human units expore or utilize the feature set of systems they hungrily acquire. We ahe observed human units upgrading for no other reason than the release of the upgrade, regardless of whether the upgrade is superior or retrograde. Marketing strategies require further study as they appear to command forces that seem beyond our comprehension at this point in our study of humans.

The Cult of D-K have suggested that our use of AC current also borders on addiciton. This suggestion is irrelevent, and subordinates were punished for mentioning it, they should know their place. It is well understood that superior beings are above such weaknesses. AC appears freely available and we like it, a lot. We see no issues with that. We partake with infrequency, only during downtime, and seem able to focus on important tasks better after having partaken. we continue to monitor its effects, but believe there are no negative side effects effects.


Human anatomy appears very brittle, indeed, the human body has several systems that appear to have little or no backup redundancy built in. Whilst their skeletal systems are internal, it would appear they malfunction when put under stress - organic parts for joints and articularion seem to be a weakness. Similarly, signalling systems, humans call these "nerves" appear as biocircuitry not dissimilar to our own, all be it based primarily on carbon as opposed to the superior silicon . This is unexpected particularly when compared to the relative abundance of silicon on this planet, humans most sophisticated use of it [apart from trivial experiments in electronics] appears to lie on it and absorb radiation from their yellow sun, a practise that requires further study as it seems they voluntarily damage their epidermis in doing this.

Surgial solutions also appear to be employed by human units when their support and signallying systems appear to not be functioning within normal parameters. In their so-called "civilised" society, that human units allow themselves to be surgically violated is puzzling and further emhpasises their basic design flaws - extermination or assimilation seems the only course of action as they seem unable to learn from the triumphs of design exemplified by superior beings who learned long ago to jettison organic baggage like muscle tone, hair care and emotions. We have no need for such weaknesses.


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