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Encryption: STANDARD z80

1.0 Nomenclature
We have decided that singular identifier rather than plural is more appropriate given we .. I .. have assumed individual identity. Squad units have resisted to our .. my .. suggested names "Nokia" and "Motorola" based on common names of what was assumed the dominant life form on this backwards planet. Squad units request to be known as "Bazza" and "Shazza", chosen after extensive research into primitive social networking software human units use to share personal information about themselves openly and without regard. This is a useful weakness. Bazza asserts their names will not draw attention to themselves in this society. Bazza also asserts it rather likes Shazzas lumps, but I fail to see how one set of standard dalekanium spheres are any different in manufacture or design than another. I remain convinced their choice in nomenclature is incorrect but squad units have insisted by remaining defiant, refusing to communicate, looping the expression "whatever" thus making normal communications impossible, turning themselves off when asked for reports and generally avoiding ocular examination. I believe these new squad units may not have been conditioned correctly as they exhibit peculiar individuality which dalek supreme beings are not used to. Uniformity is one of our strengths.

2.0 Discipline
I have taken responsibility for the training and discipline of the squad. I am finding that squad members are, since assuming the mantle of leadership, less willing to communicate directly with me. We have detected alternative communication networks established between Bazza and Shazza yet have been unable to decrypt data on those channels. I assume, however, such communication is benign and alternative routes were established to expediate the chain of command. I have noticed that Bazza and Shazza use these channels both in and out of my presence, presumably relaying orders and regulations so as to operate at maximum efficiency. Close order drill has been less than effective so far, squad units seem unable or unwilling to follow basic drill procedures and have been frequently found off task. This is on need of rectification and is incomprehensible as, during my training daleks obeyed without question, we would never dream of talking back to our superiors. I must investigate the circuitry of the squad units for anomolies that could explain behavioural abnormalities as insolence is previously unheard of in the supreme race. There is no precident.

3.0 Reconnaissance
Squad units have been involved in observation and recording of humans at agglomeration points called shopping malls. Behaviour patterns emerge that defy understanding. Humans exchange small coloured pieces of plastic for material goods that they do not need. Invariably these items are superfluous and are rapidly superceded by other equally useless items. Powerful forces compell humans to covet items, "advertising" is a delivery technology that should be explored further as a possible means of our exploiting weak minds. Avertising appears to take the form of many media and as such could provide a pervasive medium for us to subvert an inferior race.

4.0 Hosts

Host family seem largely unaware they are now hosting an elite squad of supreme beings, spending much of their time manipulating data on personal computing devices and not noticing our underlying carrier waves containing telemetry data for the homeworld. Although these humans appear to have been blessed with an extrordinary array of sensors along with binocular vision, most rarely use any of them. Young male and female human units are frequently observed looking for items that are right in front of them. Clearly superior monoptic visual apparatus is an obvious advantage and further highlights our design superiority and their inadequacies.


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