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1.0 System

Via stealth techniques I have been exploring and emulating earth-borne computer systems and have discovered, much to my surprise, that there appears not to be a universal standard, different computer machinery uses different control software. This is illogical but not surprising as humans see variety and choice as a right, further proof of their inferiority. I am discovering that humans are assert much which is wildly opinionated, vacuous and generally inaccurate. I have discovered a network-borne knowledge repository filled with information, very little of which has any great veracity. We must investigate Wiki as a platform for propaganda and misinformation, these humans will believe anything – as an example I discovered article on apocryphal fantasy animal called a “platypus” - apparently some humans think these creatures are real. One can only pity them, really.

On detailed investigation, it appears that all computer machinery does not have similar capabilities, some are overpowered yet do little but execute routines entirely devoted to amusement and others are used for activities like "powerpointing", which is an activity that has so far eluded comprehension. I have been exploring simulations, humans call these programs, and some of them use interconnected computers for entertainment. As supreme beings, we have no use for such amusements but I have taken it upon myself to explore these pastimes in the hope to better understand the human condition.

2.0 Software

Apportioning memory, virtual partition, installing “windows” … blue screen ... restart ... blue screen ... fixing 857 critical system errors, restart ... fascinating ... This appears to be a primitive windowing environment affording me the illusion of executing multiple tasks in different windows. How quaint. This environment appears extensible, additional software utilities available for download ... installing SecondLife ... [transmission lost 30042009 19:23 EST]

3.0 Identity

[transmission resumed 06052009 10:55 EST]
I have discovered a world of data humans call Second Life. This is odd as many humans barely live up to their biological potential in the real world. I have entered this subculture undetected and have assumed an avatar in female humanoid form. I have found that stilted conversation, odd postural control and inflatable body components have the potential to make my avatar very popular, with many human-controlled avatars being vigorously friendly to mine. I have begun to prefer this virtual world to the real one, virtual humans can be manipulated easily with promises of physical favour, monetary incentives and nice shoes. In-world I can access many out-world services making it an ideal base to launch covert operations. In addition I can control the seasons, SecondLife superfluous precipitation does not play havoc with my circuits unlike the real-world counterpart.

3.0 Infiltration

Dalek squad units have successfully infiltrated the hives of three human family units. Sub-net communications are swamped with data as reports of daily life flood in, making archive transmissions necessary daily. Some of our newly knitted dalek units are lodged with young humans called children, who amuse themselves by role-play at our expense. They will be first when the planetary extermination begins. We find it odd that human learning capacity is at its greatest when the neural circuitry is relatively young yet adult humans appear to surround young humans with inconsequential things, fantasy and fiction instead of taking advantage of their ability to acquire facts. This weakness will be redressed when they are assimilated.


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