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CRYPTO Engines

Here are links to a number of live-to-web cryptographic toy engines for you to experiment with. I have attempted to include a working engine, ALGORITHM (in Pseudocode) and a link that lets you examine the PHP code I wrote to implement each algorithm. Comments/suggestions are welcome.

Miscellaneous examples

Related encryption examples

  1. ISO Checksum - Try it here
  2. Reverse Cipher (is this even encryption?) - Try it here
  3. Conversion Centre (quick and dirty number info masher) - Try it here

Symmetric Ciphers

Where the same "key" is used to encrypt and decrypt messages - security of the key is the make/break of these ciphers.

Symmetric Crypto
stolen from

  1. Caesar Cipher (a simple alphabtic transposition cipher) - Try it here
  2. Transposition/Block Cipher (a key-driven grid based cipher) - Try it here
  3. Vignere Cipher (a more complex polyalphabetic cipher) - Try it here
  4. One-time Pad Cipher (the "perfect" cipher?) - Try it here
  5. example Try it here
  6. example Try it here

Asymmetric Ciphers

Where there are different keys for encryption/decryption ("public"/"private"). This way "anyone" can encrypt a message using the public key, but only those with the secret key can decrypt it.

asymmetric encryption
stolen from

  1. example Try it here
  2. example Try it here