HTML Colour Creator

HTML Colour codes let you post 256 shades of red, green and blue to make one of over 16.7 MILLION colours.

A Colour code is usually used in HTML using the structure "#rrggbb", and it encapsulates the 2-digit HEXADECIMAL amounts (0..255/00..ff) of each of the 3 primaries. HTML also misspells colour as COLOR (*shakes fist at the Americas).

NOTE: Just because a colour EXISTS, it does not mean you have to USE it or that your browser will faithfullr render it #justsayin'

Red Green Blue

'.$cc.'Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. '; //plain HTML colour display echo '

HTML colour code = '.$cc.'

'; } else { echo '

Dial amounts of each colour above then submit to display

'; } ?>