Note: (bs4) this is the initial delivery sequence Terrace will use. This does not use syllabus topic order for this unit and assumes that so long as all the mandated points are covered, all is good. Syllabus topics within each unit were stated as "functional" groupings imposed on the units late in the syllabus development process after unit content was formulated. It is hoped that a more "logical" order of learning experiences may make more sense to the learner - there appears to be opportunities to surface the groundwork for later units here also, depending on student aptitude and time availability we shall do this also.

Boys School approach - get doing things and then reflect, hence Topics 3&4 before topics 1&2 (although, to be fair, topics 1/2 are going to be attacked as global topics across all units, as well as initially specifically here)

This remains a work in progress.
2020: Term 1 = 10 weeks, Term 2 = 9 Weeks (unit handover Week 5), term 3 = 10 weeks (Unit handover end Term 3), Term 4 = 8weeks


Setup of tools, environments




Testing and Efficiency


Assessment Plan:



Unit 1: Creating with Code - Sequence
Time allocation Unit Objectives Subject matter Learning Experiences Resources
Yr 11,
Term 1

Week 1
2 1a.11a.23a3j
  • Setup of learning tools, folders, OneNote
  • Exploration of EDGE as general framework - non programming examples
  • HTML/PHP context, general operation. Elementary HTML structures, layout
Sublime Text
PHP ref
Bootstrap install
Week 2 13 3b3c3d.13e3f3i.13i.2.13i.2.23j4a4b4c.4
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • EDGE and simple IPO programming problems using URL/command-line $_GET (circle calculator, rock-paper-scissors)
  • Pseudocode --> PHP program, introductory form processing (quadratic equation solver)
  • sequence, selection, iteration
The Art of Programming
Week 3 48 1f1g.32b.12a.13d.23e3f3i.2.33i.3.13h.13i.44a4b4c.14c.24c.54d4e.1
  • UI Prototype - reverse engineer existing UI, identifying static and dynamic elements - decompose repeating elements
  • UI supplied example - identify algorithmic components, pre-post states, algorithm, code, test
  • Variables - local, $_POST, $_GET
Pencil Project
Week 4 2 3c3i.3.23i.3.33i.3.43h.13h.24a4c.34e.3
  • Form processing , $_SESSION variables
  • Logic, decisions, efficiency
  • Global variables
Week 5 345 1b1c.11c.31d1e1f1g.22a.12b.22c2d3d.13d.23g
  • Loops
  • include, require, code re-usability model
  • PHP functions, returns, parameters, scope rules in functions
  • Intro to Bootstrap CSS, UI definition, Accessibility, reponsive design
  • Diagnostic Case Study begin - scope, context, mindmap
Bootstrap ref
Bootstrap ref2
Week 6 167 1c.21g.31g.42a.22c2d2e3f3h.33i.54c.24e.14e.34e.54e.7
  • UI, required programming elements, user interaction, functional decomposition
  • Social/ethical/accessibility
  • criteria for success/usability testing
Paper Prototyping
Week 7 78 3g4c.64d4e.24e.6
  • System development, user testing
  • Diagnostic case Study hand in (for term reporting)
  • fIA1handed out
Week 8   1g.12e4e.44e.54e.8
  • planning for fIA1
  • fIA1 scope, wireframe, mindmap
Week 9   1a.11a.21c.11c.21c.31d1e1f
  • fIA1 (part1 handin)
  • exam block?
Week 10    
  • exam block?
Yr 11,
Term 2

Week 1
  • Communication, presentation, documentation
  • Solution requirements, boundaries, scope
  • EDGE revisited - FIA1 context
Week 2   1b2b.12e3i.54c.6
  • User interfaces, loser interfaces and HCI
  • alternative web frameworks
Week 3   4d4e.34e.2
  • System development
  • Intro to Folio (fIA3)
Week 4 8 3j4e.44e.8
  • Submit FIA1