Imperatives here are completion of FOLIO and preparation for external exam.






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Unit 3: Digital Impacts - Sequence (mouse-over codes for details) Vid Link Doc Download
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Year 12, Term 2
Week 1
Week 2    
Week 3        
Week 4        
  1:1 2:2 3:3 4:4 5:5 6:6 7:7 8:8 To place: Topic 1: 1a.1: 1a.1 1a.2: 1a.2 1a.3: 1a.3 1a.4: 1a.4 1a.5: 1a.5 1a.6: 1a.6 1b.1: 1b.1 1b.2: 1b.2 1b.3: 1b.3 1c: 1c 1d: 1d 1e.1: 1e.1 1e.2: 1e.2 1e.3: 1e.3 1f.1: 1f.1 1f.2: 1f.2 Topic 2: 2a.1: 2a.1 2a.2: 2a.2 2a.3: 2a.3 2a.4: 2a.4 2a.5: 2a.5 2a.6: 2a.6 2a.7: 2a.7 2b: 2b 2c: 2c 2d: 2d 2e: 2e 2f: 2f 2g: 2g 2h.1: 2h.1 2h.2: 2h.2 2h.3: 2h.3 2h.4: 2h.4 Topic 3: 3a: 3a 3b.1: 3b.1 3b.2: 3b.2 3b.3: 3b.3 3c: 3c 3d.1: 3d.1 3d.2: 3d.2 3e: 3e 3f.1: 3f.1 3f.2: 3f.2 3f.3: 3f.3 3g.1: 3g.1 3g.2: 3g.2 3g.3: 3b.3 3g.4: 3g.4 3g.5: 3g.5 3g.6: 3g.6 3h: 3h 3i.1: 3i.1 3i.2: 3i.2 3i.3: 3i.3 3i.4: 31.4