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Public Database

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Query | Answer

The VANILLA database is a blank database container that users can create and populate tables in, select data, delete data rows, modify same.

Enter your Command/Query in the text box below and submit it for processing - if your query results in an answer table, your answer table will be delivered back to you if your query was error free.

MySQL language does not yet allow Sub-Queries. Normal syntax for other types of queries should work fine otherwise. In many cases it is possible to translate a sub-query into a corresponding join (or left outer join) query.

The MySQL Language reference is available from this address: http://www.mysql.com/documentation/mysql/bychapter/manual_Reference.html

To see the existing tables in the PUBLIC database, use the PHP Table Viewer

This is an open database (ie. if you can see this page, you can edit the database contents).. take care to only mangle things you create and please tidy up after yourself.


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