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The following links were gleaned from simple searches in common search engines, using key words like 'essays', 'term papers' and 'homework'. Whilst not exhaustive, there is sufficient content here for teachers be be aware of what they are up against.

I have included direct quotations (copy-n-paste) from the sites if they have any sort of disclaimer. I was amused by the apparent naivity of their suggestions that the work be used for research purposes only - Me thinks they protest too much!

Some Links

The Essay Organisation

We got lots of essays on disk so please check back here frequently to see the newest additions. We currently have more than 1,000 essays, mostly in English. Below is the alfabetized list. And they are all FREE! Download as many as you would like.

Although 1,000 essays might sound much it really isn't near complete. Therefore we have opened a custom writing section together with Collegiate Care. For $16.95/page they will write an essay or paper for you. So if you can't find help at Essay.org, Collegiate Care will take care of you.

The Student Essay Network

This site is interesting, not because it contains any free content now, but that it was taken down based on a 'sudden' awareness of the authors wrongdoing...

This Site Is Discontinued...
When I first constructed this web site three years ago, I had no idea how much controversy it would cause. Honestly, I just wanted to post some of my own writing here. Soon, hundreds of students were e-mailing me their essays to add to my list.
Along with essays, I received tons of mail from students who said they really appreciated my site, and that it helped them more than I could ever know. I received no complaints from teachers, just praise from students. I suspected students were plagiarizing from my web site, but I wasn't sure.

It wouldn't have taken much convincing for me to take down this site. When it was first constructed, I had to spend hundreds of hours processing essays and answering mail. It was a lot of work, and if someone had sent a polite e-mail regarding the ethics of this site, I would have ended it in a minute!

Then one day, the judicial affairs department at my university called me into their office. I had to have a private meeting with the dean regarding my site.

I was shocked to find out that their department had received approximately 50 calls from upset teachers! Every single one of them was asking the dean to expel me from the university -- basically, kick me out!

I never received any e-mail from these teachers. They never voiced their feelings to me, nor did they try to explain how my site hurt their students' education. They decided to ignore me as a human, and try to ruin my future by taking away my chance at a college degree. Aren't these people interested in protecting education? Obviously not, if they want to expel me from school.

If any of these teachers had taken a minute to write a polite e-mail, they would have found out that I am a very reasonable, and compassionate person. They might have also found out that getting through college has been a major hardship for me. Neither of my parents went to college, and they had no interest in paying for my education. So, for the last six years of my life, I've been working full or part time to struggle through school. In my last year of school, those teachers were going to take all of that work away from me, without bothering to confront me about their feelings. ... snip

Attention Teachers/Educators: Are you searching for a ripped-off paper? Visit the Essay Verification Engine (http://www.canexus.com/eve/index3.shtml)! Enter the essay in this program, and it will show you all the web sites that contain text from the essay. I tested it out on a few of my essays from this site, and it was 100% successful!

D.A.S Freebies (Free Student Essays! Essays for Free!)

These sites contain some of the best free essays available on the net. These resources are to help you with ideas and should be used as study guides only. You should never copy sections out of these papers, let alone hand them in as your own. Besides the moral implications of this, its plagarism and therefore illegal. Although I personally do not use these sites, I am aware many people look for them for genuine reasons and have decided to post them for that reason only. For other help, be sure to check out our online resources section for study guides, encyclopaedias and past papers.

Thousands of Papers (TOP)

Welcome to the Largest Catalog of Expertly-Researched Model Term Papers-- All Written By Our Company after 1995 !!!

We are the ONLY Site With Enough Confidence in our Work to Let You View Full Page Excerpts of ANY Paper Before You Buy it !!! (Via E-mail Requests)

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A1 Termpapers

Pre-written Termpapers, Research Papers and Custom Research Writing for Students and Industry

Your resource for locating approximately 20,000 pre-written termpapers for your research requirements, as well as writers and editors of proven ability to meet your special-project research needs.


Availability: Pre-written termpapers can be shipped overnight express ($15.00 charge), mailed, faxed (additional $0.50 per page), or e-mailed (additional $1.49 per page). Custom Research can be delivered within one to two weeks, depending on length and complexity.

Pre-Written Termpapers: Each termpaper is individually priced in the catalog. The price is listed as the last item following the description of the termpaper.
Custom Research: Prices commonly vary from $19.95 to $35.00 per page, depending on difficulty of subject matter, library research required, time demands, etc.

Payment: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover).

College Research Assistance

Research Assistance reports can be an effective time management tool for the study, research, and writing that academic institutions require.

While there are many positive and valuable ways in which Research Assistance reports can be used, they should NEVER be turned in as your own work. We want to assist you with your work. We do not want you to violate policies concerning academic dishonesty.

School Sucks

School Sucks is the largest collection of free, but awful homework. School Sucks is 100% against plagiarism. If we wanted to encourage plagiarism, we would a) charge even $1 per page and thereby deny educators the right to see them and b) rate or grade the papers


Term Papers on File


Every research paper described on this website is owned, authored, & published globally for resale by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. It is both policy and commonsense that any concepts or ideas taken from these highly-visible works must be properly-cited in a student's own term paper as originating from our company..

The organization's rights to research topics, to critique sources, and to publish research globally constitute protected, free speech of the highest order and shall continue unabated and uncensored. Students who are not sure how to properly cite our work should CLICK HERE... Students who are unclear as to whether or not using our paper(s) as (a) source(s) will be acceptable for credit .. are strongly urged to consult with their instructor(s) before making (a) purchase(s) with us...

The Paper Store, Inc. is committed to doing all we possibly can to uphold high standards of academic integrity worldwide. Pertinent suggestions from academic personnel are carefully evaluated and often implemented...

Net Essays

A+ School Paper.com

For those of you who do not want to spend the time reading all of the novels, plays and other pieces of literature for your classes, we offer a database of literature summaries. Our summaries are specially written to give you a comprehensive understanding of the literature, without spending the time of reading it.

Our research papers are to be used only as references for your paper. We refuse to sell a research paper to any student whom we have reason to believe will submit our work, either in whole or part, for academic credit in their own name.

Essay Crawler

We are the MetaCrawler of the essay world, your portal site for free essays, term papers, and book reports. This engine searches purely free essay sites that house thousands of free essays, so you can get done and get on with your life.

The purpose of this page is to provide an additional resource for your papers. I do not recommend turning in the essays found via this website. Doing so would be plagiarism and could result in a "zero", or worse, especially if you signed a honor statement prior to enrollment. Use the essays and term papers on this site to give you ideas for your paper...

The Evil House of Cheat

The Evil House of cheat is visited by approximately 2,000 students every day!

As you can see, thousands of students consider our page as a valuable resource for reference material.
Our essays can help in many ways: to help you come up with ideas, for research, or for when that deadline is a few moments away and you still haven't started that assignment. We cater for all!

This site offers extensive services to it's members, along with helpful strategies for cheating in exams and other social situations.

law, unorganised (A-L/M-O/P-R/S-z)
economics, science


About Cheater.com
Cheater.com has been around for about 1 year now. We started operation January 1, 1997. We have a team of counselors that answer questions daily as well as give ideas for new content. At this point, Cheater.com makes no money at all. The service is to tally free but we do ask as a member, you submit one paper.

This site has been in many, many articles in various publications around the world. The LA Times, NY Times, just to name a few. Numerous TV appearances have helped the site's growth around the world.

Who We Are, Who We Aren't
Running this site upsets some people, specifically we are referring to an article on MSNBC last year. Being compared to anarchists and other apathetic related groups is hardly our goal. We provide a service for students, like anything it can be abused i f used improperly. Like any Library, we offer lots of information which can be used for facts only. Plagiarism is illegal and Cheater.com does not support it in any way, shape, or form.

Screw School

large collection of essays freely available, just become a member

Attn: Teachers,
If you feel a student is plagiarizing from this site, he may actually not be plagiarizing but contributing essays he or she wrote for use on our site. Screw School, despite the name, is meant as a reference guide for students. Students are encouraged to use the papers as a guide for writing their own paper and to show proper sources for all their work. We don't condone any plagiarizing of any sort.

Attn: Students,
To avoid being accused of plagiarizing you have the option of having your name, email address, or code name posted as proof of your submission.

Homework's Done

Homework's Done is a web site that will give you a chance to look at what other people have done on projects similar to yours. As a student I know how hard writing a report can be but, all the papers here are to be used as examples only. Do yourself a favor and don't turn them in. Besides you found this site, how do you know your teacher hasn't found it too?


In collecting thoughts and resources for this document, I am grateful to a large collection of teachers through QSITE-Community and OZ-Teachers mailing lists that provided encouragement and submitted URLs of sites they had heard of.

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