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Harry Potter Rules - OK!

J. K. Rawlings has created, in her series of Harry Potter novels, an amazingly rich collection of places and characters. Few titles could lay claim to being read with such enthusiasm by boys and girls alike.

Her basic storys of good versus evil, of kids making a difference, of having fun and having good friends are refreshing in this age of gore-based fantasy computer games and even gorier real world events like those of September 11.

The nay-sayers who have branded the Harry Potter books, and more recently the first film adaptation as celebrating evil are missing many important points IWHO:

  1. Kids like to think that absolute rules are there to be broken - it is a buzz to pull one over on an adult (and good luck to them).
  2. Strong characters do exist as role models for girls.
  3. Friendship is important, mates stick up for each other thru thick and thin.
  4. Muggles are stupid (as are 80% of the adult population).
  5. Everyone could use a little magic at times.
  6. Imagination is a powerful force, doubly so when a film adaptation is so carefully controlled by the author so written images translate perfectly into screen adaptations.
  7. Kids have an amazing eye for detail - my daughter (an avid Potter reader) was the biggest critic (this was different, there should have been 17, that should have been orange..) but still get lost in the wonder of a good story well told.
  8. Good triumphs over evil (in the imaginary world, anyway) and being a wizard or witch is something we could all aspire to be.
  9. Nothing is more revolting than troll snot.
  10. Quiddich should be a Summer Olympic demonstration sport - I am happy to be a seeker, just gotta get the broom started...

I for one will be donning the black capes and hopping aboard the Hogwarts Express for the next adventure and my kids will be beside me saying "are we there yet?"

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