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wOnKo's Special Theory
of Temporal Perception

Time is relative, lunchtimes doubly so (adapted from Douglas Adams, RIP).

wOnKo experimenting with temporal vortexes - living proof they exist?In a similar vein to Einstein's Special Theory of relativity, I have my own views on time, or rather personal perception of it (heareafter referred to as p-time) compared with realtime ... let me explain.

Realtime (the linear/sequential passing of one event after another hereafter referred to as r-time) is perceived by individuals differently. This is corroborated by numerous anecdotal accounts of certain activities seemingly extruding time (exam supervisions, dentist visits, bus stop queues and the like), other activities compressing time (holidays, sex, listening to music, using the 'net, chatting with friends and the like). The observer perceives time either to "fly" or "drag" dependent on the collection of experiential vortexes they find themselves in.

Historically this phenomenon is well known with such expressions as "my, how time flies when you are having fun" and "a watched pot never boils" being common banter when explaining how the lunch break has just evaporated (or equally, how painfully slow the visit with the Headmaster seemed).

In order to sort out this mess, I have put forward a number of postulates - these need to be thoroughly researched:

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Hunter Morris --- Skarab postulates:

Caffeine use is most commonly associated with a desire to increase productivity. It can be associated with other stimulants for this purpose. Use of such a drug is futile, however, because of its effect on p-time. Caffeine distorts the p-time field in such a way that whatever advantage
one feels she/he is gaining by using the drug becomes nil. The more you feel like you are getting done, the more time is passing and so forth.
[This explains a lot - w]

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