"Reba the Loon" - Talk File

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hideIf it is information you seek, I may be able to help you
hideMarten: Speak not that name, cursed that bloodline is.
hidename: How burdensome such a name much be, linked to so much unhappyness.
leafunhappyness: Searching for love and belonging. It is what we all do.
leafburdonsome: A heavy heart is a tough burdon to carry.
leafcursed: Bad omens, poor fortune and ruination follow that family.
leafbloodline: Bad blood flows like stale sap through a withering branch.
leafloon: They label me a loon - all because I have visions and see things for what they are.
hideinformation: Information, knowledge, wisdom - all noble pursuits
leafknowledge: What do any of us truly know? Do you know what you are capable of?
leafwisdom: To be wise is a rare gift - given to none I have met.
hidenoble: Is there anything more noble than the exploration of truth?
leaftruth: truth is in the eyes of the beholder.
leafexploration: We live, learn and grow by exploring ourselves.
hideseek: We all seek something, life is like that.
leafsomething: Cross my palm with silver and We shall talk more
hidelife: Such a fragile thread
hidethread: So easily created, so easily extinguished
hidecreated: Coupling, one of the most potent forces known to our race
leafpotent: Love or lust drives us to consider outrageous things
hiderace: The human race, despicable lot them all
leafdespicable: Capable of such barbaric acts are we
hideforces: primeval forces, buried deep in our consciousness
hideburied: Like that poor girl, cold and alone
hidegirl: I have said too much, love's tragic loss, jealousy and rage comsumed it.
hiderage: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
leafscorned: When your betrothed is bedded out from under you, displeasure follows.
hidejealousy: Some would call it natural justice for betrayal
leafbetrayal: A betrothal is a formal social contract, set up from birth
leafmuch: Confidences would be breached if I explained too much further
leafloss: To llose yourself to love is a blessing, to lose life because of lust is a curse.
leafcold: The earth takes back that which sprang forth
leafprimeval: Some drives are too strong to supress
hidecoupling: Romany couples are paired at birth
leafromany: that is our race, those unkind call us Gypsies
leafpaired: Life partners are chosen by group elders
hidefragile: Extinguishing life seems too easy for some
hideExtinguishing: Murder most foul, motives most complicated
leafmurder: I know of many such acts. When you have been around as long as I, you see much
hidehelp: We all seek help, some more than others
leafsome: Some would not know a a clue if it hit them with a shovel.
leafothers: There are always others to consider - no one stands alone.
leafable: we all have abilities, how you choose to use them is your problem