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There are two concepts to consider when dealing with "quests"

CODED Quests

A coded quest involved an object or monster that is flagged with a QUEST NUMBER. Quest numbers are linked to program code designed to REWARD the player with EXPERIENCE for completing the quest.

Coded quests often involve quest objects, and the MUD deals with these objects differently to other objects. Because you gain reward from getting them, the game prevents you from giving them to another player, dropping them somewhere by "accident" or other exploits. The _ONLY_ way to dispose of a quest item is to (a) find the monster that wants it - if it is a trade item; or (b) sell it, if it is sale able; or (c) recycle it in a recycle centre.


Activity quests involve players working out how to do something, where to find something and so on - completing some action to get to the end point of the task. Activity quests may or may not involve quest objects/monsters, but usually result in some form of reward (be it EXTRINSIC = money, nice bit of gear etc); or INTRINSIC (I managed to work out ...), _REAL_ MUD players value solving a quest for the sake of the task itself.

Activity quests may result in spells, money, nice bits of gear, keys to other things and so on. TMUX has DOZENS of quests, most are accessed by talking to monsters, some can be hinted at in room descriptions, others suggested in the actions of monsters.

Successful MUD players are observant and ALWAYS on the look out for clues and starting points for quests.

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Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:41 pm Reply with quote
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help quests

There are many types of quest available for players right now. Some are long and deliberately complicated, some are simple. Quests are available for all player levels.

The NEWBIE QUEST involves a visit to see "Old Tom" at the Machinery Shed beside the Rowing Shed at Tennyson. Players from levels 1 to 5 are able to complete this quest for significant rewards.

How To Quest?

Talk to monsters - many of them have extensive talk files and it is the dialog that points you in the direction of something they want, or have noticed - some of the instructions are really obvious, some merely hinted at so be observent. Wonko makes extensive use of TALK and TRADE, along with SEARCH in his quests - a rich variety of rewards awaits the quester. Some quests are easy, others involve significant physical challenge, others involve problem solving and others danger.

Remember, TMUX has been constructed according to a master plan - everything (all gear and monsters) have been placed in particular locations for a reason - every object has a purpose and it is your mission to discover some of that complexity. It is usual that each new AREA that opens, does so for a key game-play reason. Often this is the release of a spell. Each spell is usually available as a POTION or WAND before it is available as a studyable object - search through your inventory, there may well be magical items waiting to have their power unleashed.

Areas are often interrelated, with items or monsters in one area relying on use or information from another. Do NOT assume that an item you find in one place is ONLY needed in or near that place. Some gear quests are deliciously complicated - when you find a purpose for a bit of gear that may well be only ONE of the things you can do with an item.

One-time Quests:

Some of the quests in TMUX are once-off - that is, once you have fulfilled all that you are require to do, that character "fulfills the quest" and usually gets an XP reward. The quest fulfillment is permanently recorded within your player file and prevents you from doing that quest again.

All REALM spells are earned via this style of quest, as are acquisition of some of the best gear (armor, weapons and so on). When you are working on these sort of quests, you need to be doubly careful NOT to drop the quest item, else you lose the ability to pick it up a second time. This is problematic if it is a "scroll" object as you will be unable to study it to learn the spell.

Currently, quests exist for the following Realm Spells:

Earth: crush [ Tennyson ], shatterstone [ Maroon ]
Wind: dustgust [ Vic Park ], shockbolt [ Commune=Artblock]
Fire: fireball [ Maroon ], burstflame [ bARC=Waterford ]
Water: waterbolt [ Pool ], steamblast [ Swamp ], bloodboil [ Tennyson ]

One-off quests also exist for:
Detect-Invisibility, Invisibility, Summon, Transport and Stun.

Recurrent Quests:

A recurrent quest is like a mission - find this particular object, trade it with this monster for this reward - you can fulfill them as many times as you like - the rewards for completing recurrent quests are rich and varied. Weapons, Armor, Cash and XP are some of the rewards for these type of quests, so they are worth looking for.

Recurrent Spell Quests exist for:
Light, Bless, Know-Aura, Mend-Wounds, Breathe-Water, Curepoison,
Detect-Magic, Vigor, Remove-Disease and Levitate.

There is a HUGE variety of recurrent quests - some really simple and straightforward, others exceedingly complicated - ALL have clues somewhere (maybe a peculiar wording on a sign, a strange reference in a room description, a hidden or invisible exit, an odd object drop or some talk message from a seemingly unimportant monster. Being observent and READING is a core purpose of TMUX and the DM has embedded much reward for this humble activity.

SOME quests chase after spells in WAND or POTION form - typically these exist before the SCROLL (a studyable version) is released. A large variety of other magic is available in wand and potion, with the aquisition of these forming intricate quests in themselves. The DM has done this to increase the richness, provide access to some important and useful spells as a way of coping until the spell can be learnt proper. Wands and potions also make the magic available to non-magic casters as well.

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