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Common Room

You stand at the south western corner of a large common area. Grey-green
carpets and beige walls merge amidst subdued lighting and artily arranged
casual furniture. Glass balustrade separates you from a plexiglass sealed
void to the southeast and a maroon carpeted corridor stretches as far as the
eye can see to the south. You sense a nervous energy but cannot decide if it
is a positive or negative vibe.
Obvious exits: south, north, east.
You can see Eclipse, Ferniturns, Gecko, Wraith.
Here with you is 41 confused patients, 41 reflective patients, 35 shocked
patients, 34 unconditioned patients.

*this was done by Wonko for lols.
**he also made them disappear into thin air before we got a chance to touch one of them Sad

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