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Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 4:01 pm Reply with quote
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[*] bARC is leaking - a small but puzzling collection of blogs
and vidclips have appeared on the subnet that appear to have
originated in Brisbane's bARC, however their authenticity is
questioned due to the supposed security isolation of their
computer systems. We think it is an elaborate HOAX because
the acting is bad, the props look phony and the audio appears
to have been edited heavily.

[*] more when it becomes available.

Why didn't we have something like this before? I like the idea of a rumour database in the mud.
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Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:24 am Reply with quote
Site Admin Joined: 02 Dec 2007 Posts: 220 Location: ...somewhere outside the asylum
A Conversation betwixt Wonko and Bruce ...

Bruce messaged .oO( i really don't want to have to sit in there again. )
> tell bruce your choice
> tell bruce is a nasty place
Bruce messaged .oO( no don't say that. )
> tell bruce I am NOT in control of your game play objectives mate
> tell bruce bARC3 is still to be released, it contains conclusions and other things ... some things in bARC1&2 may well be relevent in bARC3
Bruce messaged .oO( well that makes sense. )
Bruce messaged .oO( is this a subtle hint on the rubic cube?. )
> tell bruce talk to me about the REAL rubic cube
> tell bruce not the in-game one
Bruce messaged .oO( it's a 3x3 cube. )
Bruce messaged .oO( with 6 sides. )
Bruce messaged .oO( and colours arranged on each side. )
> tell bruce did you solve it?
Bruce messaged .oO( in real life?. )
> tell bruce indeed
Bruce messaged .oO( no, i've never solved a rubic cube in real life. )
> tell bruce I did
Bruce messaged .oO( though apparantly there are algorithims. )
Bruce messaged .oO( impressive. )
> tell bruce and at the end ... of all that time and effort ...
Bruce messaged .oO( how long did it take you?. )
> tell bruce I wondered why I spent so much time doing it
Bruce messaged .oO( you have a coloured cube?. )
> tell bruce on and off about 4 months
> tell bruce what do you know about the rebel without a clue?
Bruce messaged .oO( he's a master of spatial awareness and likes intellectual puzzles. )
Bruce messaged .oO( he dosn't seem to be conditioned. )
Bruce messaged .oO( or at least broke his conditioning. )
> tell bruce or pretends successfully
Bruce messaged .oO( he's possibly a mole, or working with a mole to leak info to the outside world. )
Bruce messaged .oO( there is that. )
Bruce messaged .oO( if he is pretending he has the ability to solve a rubic cube. )
> tell bruce what of the resistance?
Bruce messaged .oO( he has followers. )
Bruce messaged .oO( presumably located in the barc. )
> tell bruce he SOLVED the cube, he cannot pretend to do that
> tell bruce what of the resistance goals?
Bruce messaged .oO( well his goals are to make his followers believe him. )
Bruce messaged .oO( to escape?. )
Bruce messaged .oO( to help others esacpe?. )
> tell bruce what of escape?
Bruce messaged .oO( some appear to have gotten out. )
Bruce messaged .oO( over the years. )
> tell bruce oh?
Bruce messaged .oO( the mummified corpse is testement to that. )
Bruce messaged .oO( as well. )
> tell bruce that corpse made it out did it?
Bruce messaged .oO( well it made it out of the conditioning centre. )
Bruce messaged .oO( and obviously he wouldn't have heard from it again. )
> tell bruce conditioning centre is just one of 3 floors in an otherwise open centre
Bruce messaged .oO( ok, so the implication would be that in the greater mud there are some escapees from the barc. )
> tell bruce so she attempted escape, broke her legs and died in the attempt
Bruce messaged .oO( sounds about right. )
Bruce messaged .oO( the body of the clone in the sewer?. )
Bruce messaged .oO( that emmalina discovered?. )
> tell bruce another death
> tell bruce that is some of the "textual climate" that exists here
Bruce messaged .oO( it certainly lends background. )
> tell bruce have you heard the expression "the grass is always greener on the other side"
Bruce messaged .oO( yes. )
> tell bruce relevent here?
Bruce messaged .oO( it would depend where the escapees ended up. )
Bruce messaged .oO( living in the commune would certainly beat living in the barc. )
Bruce messaged .oO( the brothers house would perhaps not. )
> tell bruce the commune and bARC are really that different?
Bruce messaged .oO( the commune they don't drag you off and whack you with 1000v if you don't agree with what they're saying. )
> tell bruce lol, true that
Bruce messaged .oO( admitadly there are some similarities. )
Bruce messaged .oO( the focus on recycling in one form or another. )
Bruce messaged .oO( a focus on nature. )
> tell bruce habitaion and "gardens" are still to come in bARC
Bruce messaged .oO( the commune hippies did escape from somewhere. )
Bruce messaged .oO( or left?. )
Bruce messaged .oO( i'd have to run through hectors talkfile to refresh my memory. )
Bruce messaged .oO( but they did have an exodus from somewhere in their minivan. )
> tell bruce it is wonderful that you are engaging with the narrative
> tell bruce please do not credit me with some of the creative interpretations you are making tho
Bruce messaged .oO( well a lot of what we are given to work on are hints. )
> tell bruce I merely provide the loose thread, players tug on it to see what unravels
Bruce messaged .oO( agreed. )

[*some assembler required]
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Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:42 pm Reply with quote
Member Joined: 02 Dec 2007 Posts: 305 Location: In my fishtank
I just read that post made by wonko, and I agree completely with what bruce, and what Wonko said. The narrative is in some parts made by us, we take what we want to believe, and fill in a few blanks. (if I read that statement correctly...)

hrm, I The stories might be interesting to share.
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