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Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:15 pm Reply with quote
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everyone knows about the most mischievous skill in the game. steal. imo it is the best skill that thieves have. heres a few tips to fully utilize this skill.

1. if you fail, your opponent is most likely to smash you in the face before you can try again. move heal then go back in for the kill. hiding can help A LOT with this.

2. stun, bash or any other form of preventing movement can stop your victim from moving away to protect their item.

3. if theres a mob that has a nice piece of loot that you want, and you cant be bothered killing it, with a little dexterity, you can steal the eyes out of them.

4. a stolen item cant be sold until you give it to another player.

5. beware of who you're stealing from, steal can turn the greatest of friends, into the greatest of enemies.

6. have a plan. if your target is most likely to come and find you first, be ready for them and hide. the element of surprise is your strongest weapon.

*note* the first 2 tips only work with pkilling, if you fail on a monster you have to kill it because i dont think you can try to steal again. if you fail a steal on a monster, they instantly turn agro at you. the same nature may be with other players Razz Also. normal pkilling restrictions aply, you cant be level 13 and steal from a level 8. although you can peek their inventory regardless of level.

Avoiding having your items stolen:

1. avoid the thief. he or she may even be your friend and you never know if you're stolen from until you try to wield that weapon and realize its gone.

2. put your most important items in a lawful storage character to keep them safe.

3. as with pkilling, try to get to know your enemy and become friends with them. if you're in their guild they cant steal from you.

4. put your valuable items into a container because it is much harder for a thief to steal a container rather than an item thats just lying around in your inventory.
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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:05 pm Reply with quote
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NPCs eventually forget that it was attacking you if you leave it alone, so technically if you fail a steal, you can flee, wait a certain period of time (I think it might be 24 hours? Anyone know exactly how long does it take NPCs to forget you?) and re-attempt the steal. Of course if the enemy is way above your level then there is really no point of repeating this over and over.

Thief is a really useful class, the peek skill can be repeated an infinite amount of times to see what NPCs are carrying, and is good for when you're looking for a certain drop in a bunch of mobs. It is also just fun to see what other players are carrying. Very Happy

Anyone can kill for money... only a few can do so with style.
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