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Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:42 pm Reply with quote
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I don't really know which exact heading I should post this under; this one would be my best guess.


You find yourself amongst the benches of an old grandstand. Up to the west
rows of seats rise above you. From here you have a clear view of the muddy
field in front of you. Soccer and Rugby players battle each other in brutal
but entertaining ways. You are knee deep in rubbish - mainly discarded
drink cans and the seats here are in bad repair, showing the signs of age
and vandalism. This row continues south from here.
Obvious exits: north, south, west, out.
Here with you is an enthusiastic old boy.
You also see an akubra, 30 broken bottles, two guitars, a locker door shield,
a long spear, seventeen megaphones, 54 old boys ties, six lots of raybans,
50 red and black scarfs, some sheepskin sleeves, five suede jackets, two
tennis balls, 29 tight leather pants, six white tshirts.

Having reached a high enough level to begin farming old boys... I ran into this. In addition to what you see above, there were literally 60 signet rings and a life-time supply of ties lying on the ground: and they weren't even broken and utterly useless.

Littering has always been kind of a problem, because some mobs drop stuff that you don't need, but can't sell. The broken bottle is a pretty good example here that is very close-to-home. But I have never ever come across anything like this over all of my time playing X...

So thank you (whoever left all of this stuff here) for your generous donations as I am now the new and proud owner of this stash. wonko has a purge-command that deletes all non-permed objects (so stuff we the players leave on the ground); but we can't rely on that as he doesn't continuously babysit this issue, and why should he.

Basically, please clean up after yourself. Even if you are the Donald Trump of the TerraMUD world, just make a garbage-collection character and throw all of this loot into the rubbish bins.

At least no n00b got his hands on this stash... right o.O?

Anyone can kill for money... only a few can do so with style.
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Posted: Sat May 18, 2013 10:37 pm Reply with quote
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that is nuts - I have been slack as garbage collector, soz

[*some assembler required]
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