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Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:49 pm Reply with quote
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Finding a good reliable route through mazes can be really tough for people who are just starting out. And contrary to popular belief, there IS a better way to get through revolving rooms and areas rather than going one direction for a while and another exit randomly, hoping to end up at the exit you want.

For those of us who don't use (or don't have) mapping programs, the best way to find a way through a maze is with the old fashion drop and go. And the easiest thing to have a diverse amount of, is money. You can use different items also, but what i've found is just dropping a different amount of cash in each room works like gravy. I don't usually draw up maps of new areas because i find it easier to just walk through a couple of times to get the hand of it, but sometimes mapping rooms is unavoidable if you want to get through.

With mazes which have enough rooms to make you confused enough to need a map, the most effective way to navigate them is to drop cash (or items) and join rooms as you go along. Most times there will be a number of different room spread around a maze which have exits leading to a room in common, and its those times which require handy map work.

For the more difficult revolving areas, you definitely need to drop cash or items as you go along. The easiest way is to go in a certain direction all the way first. This might be taking all the east exits before it returns to its starting point. After you've started a basic skeleton map, the rest of the maze becomes a lot easier to navigate.

Mazes are suppose to be challenging, and will usually have something flash at the end for all your effort. They take time, and you can pretty much guarantee a few slip ups along the way. But it's important to remember that no matter how frustrating it is, its just a game, and should be enjoyed.
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Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:18 pm Reply with quote
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It should be obvious to most that I (the game builder) love LABRYNTHS. I also think I am getting fairly good at designing them. Understand however, that every area of the game was built off a MAP that I drew FIRST.

True labrynth navigators have sophisticated algorithms for getting out. Some involve additive junking (dropping things like breadcrumb trails like Hansel and Gretel) others not. The breadcrumb model is great UNLESS the monsters you encounter along the way SCAVENGE (pick things up as they encounter them) - you could HIDE items also in this situation.

An alternative simple strategy when HOPELESSLY LOST:

Choose a direction arbritrarily (let us say LEFT). Whenever you reach an intersection, turn that direction (however tempting it is to vary, do not).

This method will extract you from the most complicated labrynth, although you may not exit from the exit you entered from.

[*some assembler required]
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Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:43 pm Reply with quote
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I would just like to say that the coin trick works brilliantly except in those areas with scavenging monsters. I use it all the time, but another good addition is to use a class with the scout ability, to help find your way through a maze, it's not essential but it makes it a lot easier.

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Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:29 pm Reply with quote
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and the ranger, being one of the best classes ever, has track if you get lost... it basically just tells you the last exit that was used before you entered the room

druids have this skill aswell but rangers (imo) are a far better class (hasten, 18 intel... stun hit ...)
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