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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:40 am Reply with quote
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This thread is designed for the newbies to tmux, and to muds in general, and aims to answer one of the 2 big questions that new players will ask.
The first question usually runs along the line of, how do i kill stuff? The second typically asks, why should i kill stuff?

Indeed the question why is a tricky one to answer in tmux, largely because it, unlike most other games mud newbies have played, does not have a defined ending. There is no final boss, no voice yelling terrorists win and often players can be put off by a lack of purpose. (Read evilthings player opinion.)

The simple answer is your goal in tmux is whatever you make it. Muds blur the classic "game" definition because players define their own version of success. Indeed, it is somewhat better to think of mud as a "secondlife" in which your characters "live".
If you're starting off set small goals. Make it to level 2. find the terrace shop. get a weapon better than a knife. Find the know-aura spell. Learn to talk to monsters.

Ultimately your are doing what even the most advanced players do, which is explore, grind, search for rare quests, tinker with objects and intereact with other players. With 2 level 24's the best armour/weapons/spells/most gold/time/experience and a bucketload of knowledge, i still do not believe i have "won" the game, and i know that i still have much to learn. However, i do "win" everytime i find a new spell, or solve a quest that has been irritating me, or even just sit and harvest a couple of new weapons for my use latter on.

Each player defines their success in their own ways and all are equally valid. Basically play the mud how you want, (within the rules.) and enjoy the ride, without worrying to much about a final "win".

From mud we come, to mud we return...
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