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Posted: Tue May 06, 2008 9:20 pm Reply with quote
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Money, inflation and shops are all fairly controversial topics in tmux. How much money is reasonable, how to make it etc. So here is a brief guide to new players on how to make a little extra cash.

1. Don't delevel. This is the most fundamental rule in attempting to make large amounts of cash. The number one output of money for just about any player is levelling costs. To this end, if your short of money, always always levelsafe. This way if you die you will not have to outlay a large amount of cash to relevel.

2. Gold farming. Gold farming bascially consists of spending large amounts of money in areas that drop decent sellable gear. (EG tennyson grandstands, woodshop, meeting circle, boatshed.) pick something that caters to your level and put in a couple of hours, it's surprising how much money you can pick up in a short peroid of time.

3. Learn to trade. There are numerous trades that run through tmux that involve trading items for other items that can either be sold for more, or are actually money items themselves. There are trades that start with a non-sellable item that after a couple of trades give an item worth over 1k. Even low level players can accomplish these trades, and they are a great way to boost your cashflow.

4. If you can sell it, sell it. When your inventory is full of loot, it is time to go to the terrace shop. It is not time to start ditching the lower order sell items so you can pick up more of the higher stuff. In the long run it is far more profitable to rcisit the shop, empty your inventory then return to pulling traffic, than to discard the lower end sell items and then make one trip with just the high stuff. If you can sell it, then it is worth picking up and selling.

5. If your a low level and struggling for money, spend some time wondering around level 5 or the handball courts, very often there is piles of recyclable items that you can pick up and then drop in a bin area for a pile of cash.

6. It's a sellers market. Due to the inflation/economy items can command huge prices, even if they are cannot be sold to a shop in game. Players will often pay through the nose for certain items. Try to find out what people want, and then see what price you can get for it. One example at the moment seems to be wooden rulers. Even advanced players like these weapons, because of their instant crit properties. A lower level player can spend some time harvesting these and then sell them on to a higher player, making a tidy profit. The more advanced player will probs have a pile of cash, and not mind sharing it for the time that they saved not harvesting crit weapons. Homesick potions are another boon. These beauties are lifesavers, and while readily available in the game, are often not easily obtainable by all players. If you are lucky enough to stumble across a source of these, keep it to yourself and consider supplying homesicks to some of your mates.

7. The rich get richer and the poor get... children. If you manage to get some cash together you will find it easier to continue getting richer. If you are poor you will find it difficult to stop being poor.

8. Them vending machines rip you off. Unless you are loaded or desperate avoid buying items from in game vendors, they are expensive and with a couple of exceptions not worth buying from.

Well that's it from me, feel free to post questions and additions to this rough guide.
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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:18 pm Reply with quote
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I was short on money at one stage because I was killing pre-service teachers and surly students on level 5 but I could not kill the middle school teachers and they were preventing me from taking the loot. At this stage I went back to the handballers and whored a lot of tennis balls and got richer. It would probably be a good idea for players to group together and kill middle school teachers, and then there are plentiful loot that you can recycle/sell.

There are also a few rooms on level 5 that don't have middle school teachers in them. These rooms are good for picking up some quick cash, pending on what the NPCs are dropping. Smile

Anyone can kill for money... only a few can do so with style.
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