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Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 9:27 pm Reply with quote
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Because it's a little quiet atm i thought i'd write a post that likely to be a bit controversial, and that is a comparison of solo play vs grouping. But right now i'm tired and i'll finish it later. If someone would like to start us off with the benefits/downsides of grouping/solo play then that would be really great.
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Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 4:08 pm Reply with quote
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These are ONLY in my opinion



teaches you how to work in a team
forms friendships
generally easier
everyone gets a fair share (or not..... see below)


if its a spell quest only one person gets the reward (same for any quest really)
can break friendships if it goes wrong
if you dont like sharing stuff you have ta
dangerous if grouping with players from a different gang

Solo play


you get what you want all the time
gives you a challenge
develops independence
teaches you to use your brain


doesnt teach you to work in a team
makes you use your brain

there. ill think of more and i hope you will too.

btw, on the note of if its a spell quest only one person gets the spell. there should be as many drops of the one scroll or quest item that you have to give to the trader that gives you the scroll in the room as the number of players in the group. and because you can only have one everyone gets a fair share.
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Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 4:55 pm Reply with quote
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Okay, since i don't really play seriously anymore, i'll give a little insight into what i've seen and whats changed for me. Ask me what i preferred a couple of months ago, i would've said grouping. The way i see it, grouping is way more fun in lower levels, when you need help to kill big things, get good stuff, etc. But then you get to a point where you can solo just about anything (with some time/ tactics) and then it just becomes repetitive. Also, for the 10 or so minutes i play i just go for the big things solo. I guess its also because, well, frankly, kids don't know how to group well or to share. And thats just lack of maturity (haha), which funnily enough i see now a lot more outside this game. Another reason i don't really group anymore is because i've been to most of the areas, and as i said, it can get a bit repetitive, but maybe that's just me. However, i think the major reason why people don't group anymore is because they don't need to with the 2 character on at any time deal. Maybe if there was more grouping i'd play more, who knows.

On a side note, i also use to play isengard alot (but i have no time to play either right now) and what i noticed there is people understood it's way easier and funner to group. No waiting to tick back to full health for 10 minutes after each fight, finding new areas, taking things on way higher in levels in groups. No one really cared about spoiling areas; if you were taken along to a new area in a group, it was your business if you wanted to find your way back there and explore. I know i did, and then i was the one leading around new areas for which some people didn't know directions to or just knew names, etc, which is something i expect won't happen on X, simply because people aren't mature enough. Anyway, just my thoughts.
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Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 3:37 pm Reply with quote
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Ferni actually covered most of my thoughts on this topic, very good post, clear and unbiased.

Just a few i would like to add,

Is viewed as more enjoyable by a lot of people.
traffic appears faster in some areas
can kill monsters quicker

You need other people on
Can be problems if people are not clear on their role in the group

Solo play:
Convienient, can be done at any time
all the exp/loot goes to you

less social aspect

Thanks to tinpan for posting, just one query, why do you think that immature players don't group and take people to areas that they havn't explored? Because i'm pretty sure that, that does happen and surely that's not a maturity thing, it's just a different game mentality between tmux and isen. Tmux has a no spoling policy and isen dosn't, i don't really think that either option is more or less mature than the other, they are just different. (I mean personally i prefer the no spoiling menatlity, obviously, but from a maturity standpoint i don't see either one as being more or less mature.)
Thanks for posting guys
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