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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 9:30 am Reply with quote
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ALLIANCES on TMUX are the Guilding system available to players.

Forging an alliance can do many things for a player:

  • Initial forging XP bonus (currently 1000XP)
  • Initial forging MONEY bonus (currently $5000)
  • Faster +2HP and +1MP regeneration per tick
  • Experience for casting restorative spells [vigor and mend-wounds] on members of your own Alliance (depending on effectiveness of the cast without the cleric/paly bias so the bonus is class-less).
  • Easy identification via Alliance Gear (tm) [available for trade]
  • Collegial support of your fellow Alliance alumni
  • SMS Alliance message services
  • Alliance HQ, healing and re-spawn point [after homesick potion]

Alliances are LAWFUL or CHAOTIC. Pledging to an alliance CHANGES YOUR ALIGNMENT to that of the alliance.

Each of Northside and Southside MOBS, or Westside and Eastside GANGS have their own particular benefits and disadvantages also.

Players should read "help alliances", "help mob" and "help gang" BEFORE making a decision that is best for them - whining about it afterwards is not appreciated.

"help pledge" when you are ready to join an alliance, "help rescind" when you are wanting to leave .

the Alliance Centre is defined by the following map:

and this area can be found at the back of the Main reception building - south end of the main quadrangle.

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Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:46 pm Reply with quote
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Players SHOULD NOT join an Alliance unless they have done a little research first.

There are BENEFITS and COSTS in joining either an alliance or a gang. Reversing your decision (by RESCINDING) is expensive (MONEY and XP loss) so it is best you realise a few things about them.

GANGS are CHAOTIC - when you join one, your alignment is CHANGED to CHAOTIC as well - this means players CAN defeat, steal and do other things to you allowed by policy. WHINING about being attacked after you have voluntarily joined an alliance falls on deaf ears, sorry.

MOBS are LAWFUL - join one and you become lawful regardless of what you were previously. This way, players can fix the "I no longer want other players attacking me" problem - it is NOT the game manager's job to do this, it is up to the player.

Each gang/mob has their own particular benefit, as well as general benefits - choose carefully and only when you are informed should you pledge.

Players who join on nothing more flimsy than a "friends advice" get what they deserve. That may sound harsh, but considerable time and effort has been put into making help files RICH AND INFORMATIVE, players who ignore facts in favour of opinions are not playing smart.

The game manager is not interested in complaints about loss when rescinding. Alliance-based player killing also is NOT bullying, it is a risk players take when joining a GANG.

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Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:10 pm Reply with quote
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Once you reach level 6, you may decide to pledge to an alliance. THis is an important decision and one not to be undertaken lightly. First read the helpfiles. Then you need to ask yourself a set of questions.

1: Do i want to be lawful or chaotic. (THis is THE most important decision in this process. If you are at all unsure, i would not pledge to ANY alliance until you are absolute on this.)

2: If you want to be lawful then there isn't really any disadvantage to pledging to a mob. All you need to decide is if you want 5% extra money from selling items, or if you want 1 extra damage in combat.

3. If you want to be chaotic you have a harder decision to make and that is between eastside, westside and unpledged.

4. Unpledge: pro's you can attack ALL other chaotic characters free of penalities. Cons: you don't gain all the benefits of being in an alliance.

5. Eastside: You gain extra exp for attacking evil monsters. ( must have for paladins.)

6. Westside: gain extra exp for attacking good monsters.

Realistically(except for paladins) there isn't much difference between the eastside and the westside, with the only difference being in the people in each alliance. And since most people are cross-guilded anyway, just pick the alliance with the people you like i guess. While alliances probably seem pretty mad, pledging is a difficult decision to reverse and should be considered with care. There is nothing worse than changing your mind in a few levels time, and realising just how much 15% of your exp and proficancies actually is.
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