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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:45 pm Reply with quote
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Player killing is the act of one player attacking another player. In Tmux this can only occur under certain conditions. The first of which being that both players are nominated as chaotic. The second of which being that the 2 players are within the pkilling level restrictions. (which have been sumarised below for ease of use.)

Player Killing Restructured
One of the many delights of CHAOTIC play is Playerkilling. Younger
chaotic characters have however been hunted down mercilessly by
older ones so new "out of level" conditions have now been added.
Level 1 : you cannot pkill nor can you be pkilled
Levels 2-5 : you can pkill within 2 levels of you (above or below)
Levels 6-11: you can pkill within 4 levels of you (above or below)
Levels 12-15: you can pkill within 6 levels of you (above or below)
Pkills are meant to be fun, not a source of bullying.

This is not actually as simple as it sounds, as the lower level players range always takes precendence of the higher. so summerised below is a easier to use list of pkilling restrictions. on the left is your level, on the right is opponants levels that you can attack.
lvl1: Can't be killed or kill other players
lvl2: 2-4
lvl3: 2-5
lvl4: 2- 6
lvl5: 3- 7
lvl6: 4-10
lvl7: 5-11
lvl8: 6-12
lvl9: 6-13
lvl10: 6-14
lvl11: 7-15
lvl12: 8-18
lvl13: 9-19
lvl14: 10-20
lvl 15: 11-21
lvl 16: 12+ (at level 16 you can be attacked by anyone above lvl 16.)
lvl 17: 12+
lvl 18, 12+
lvl 19 13+
lvl 20 14+
lvl 21 15+
lvl 22,23,24,25 16+

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:56 pm Reply with quote
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Above are the immutable laws of player killing that you cannot negate. They are physical laws, like gravity and can only be avoided by fighting in a cage, in the arena.
Next listed will be the laws from policy that can be broken, but are punishable under the games rules.
1. you must not use triggers to player kill.
2. you must not kill your own characters for profit.
3. you must not use blind/fear on other players.
4. you must not attack while your opponant is engaged in combat.
(all of which is very clear. rule number 5. is not.)
5. you must not player kill when your opponant is in bad health recovering from a savage battle. What exactly constitues "bad health" is unclear, but i take it to mean you should not wait until the second after your opponant kills a monster to attack him. But seriously this is pretty hazy. use your descretion. Don't attack people right after battle with "last sparks of life left". Killing that lvl 15 barbarian with minor wounds is probably ok.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:19 pm Reply with quote
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Potential player killers be warned!
PLAYERKILLERS are often unpopular loners, not because they are unloveable
but because they cannot help but take advantage of another more vulnerable
player. They are always on the look out for weakness, quick to capitalise
on mistake and often just as quick to naff off with the spoils of war.
Pkillers have the toughest of jobs because they are constantly burning
bridges [but on the inside they just want to be loved, right?].

If you chose to be chaotic you accept that you can(and probably will.) be attacked by someone at some point. So this guide will have 2 other parts, the first of which is how to avoid getting fraged to often, the second is a couple of hints to make yourself a little more deadly to your fellow players.

So firstly, the simple question is how do i avoid being player killed?
The flippant answer is be lawful. If that dosn't appeal to you then here are 10 tips to avoid unneccessary player death.
First: Watch who can attack you when you are online. If someone suddenly logs on their lvl 12 assassin and your running around with a lvl 8 mage, keep your eyes open.
Second: avoid sickbay. Numerous would be player killers love sitting outside sickbay waiting for their prey to move into an ambush. If you absolutly have to go through likely ambush points do so quicky.
Third: if you'r pulling traffic and not much is happening hide.
Fourth: if you think your gonna get done remove your weapons. Currently being player killed will cause you to drop your weapon, and if you are pledged you will lose 10times your lvl in exp. (lvl 10 loses 100exp.)
Five: stay off the beaten track. Player killers tend to haunt st joes proper, sickbay and regular traffic spots. EG tennyson grandstands.
Six: If you're really getting fragged, appeal to your friends for help, or log off, or use a homesick potion to dodge trouble and then go somewhere else.
Seven: Be aware that MOST players are unlikely to randomly attack you. Some will, but most won't. After a while you'll find out which is which.
Eight: A little social interaction dosn't hurt. Getting to know people means that are unlikely to attack you. You can't be everyone's friend but there's a big difference between attack an annoymous player, and the guy who just asked you where to train to lvl 8. Also watch who you group with.
Nine: Watch out for player killing classes, namely assassins and thieves.
Ten: Common politeness is a wonderful thing, being polite to other players is more likely to influence them to come to your aid, while annoying them is likely to evoke a response involving their blade and your neck.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:42 pm Reply with quote
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However, if you are being tempted by the darked side of tmux, to hunt your fellow players here are a few pointers and warnings.

Firstly there are 2 types of player killers. The first is the casual player killer is strikes when the opportunity presents itself and don't really care who they hit. They enjoy the chase and the opportunity for some easy exp/weapons. They are more common and are the bane of the lower level players.

The second type of player killer is far more danagerous. The second is the player who has temporarily dedicated himself to hunting you down. These players will pursue vendettas, bide their time and will basically try to waste you. The simplest advice is try not to get one of these guys on you. Even lawfuls should watch out, because these guys have and can find ways to stike at you. This response can be provoked by you player killing them and stealing one of their fav weapons, or simple saying something that pushes one of thier buttons. While these player wars can be fun, they all to often cause serious problems. avoid if possible.

However at the end of a long week, you may just decide to give into that little voice and go and frag some newbs. Some advice.
1. Know your characters. Can you backstab/touch/steal/bash ? or just throw awesome spells around?
2. Know your foes. Is this guy likely to turn around and smash you in the face with an insta-crit weapon?
3. There are a couple of items in the game that are an absolute boon to pkillers, namely track, clairvoyance and invisibility wands. Use them wisely.
4. Take your time. A good pkill takes time to set up, stalk your prey and strike when the opportunity presents itself.
5. Know when enough is enough.
6. Try to know how your prey may react in the long run. Player killers may find one day as they are walking down a corrider a hand reaching out to tap them on the shoulder and a former "prey" come back for a little revenge.
7. Keep it clean, and play by the rules as much as possible.
8. Try to out think your opponants. search their regular haunts, camp their favourite tick spot, etc.
9. Be aware that killing alliance members will lose you HUGE amounts of exp, as well as a lot of respect.
10. remember while it is just a game, they're are people at the other end of this fight.
11. The cages are there for a reason, don't be afraid to throw down the gauntlet.
12. don't be afraid to stand and fight. Awesome free for all melees often develop outside sickbay or in other spots, get involved and who knows? you might get a couple of weapons out of it.
13. Some mud programs will allow you to bind commands to fkeys, these are great for player killing.
14. Simple triggers like get all after so and so's vanquished are allowed and will guarantee you grab fallen weapons.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:46 pm Reply with quote
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One final point, alliances.
Eastside and westside gangs are the rival chaotic gangs, and playerkilling most often takes place between their 2 groups of members. Pick carefully, but know both alliances are fairly evenly balanced, and both have their ups and downs. But do not feel obligated to join one. Keep your options open and remember joining one will give you allies, but will halve your potential prey. It will also halve your potential hunters. Pkilling opposing alliances offers the killer 10 times the vanquished lvl in exp, while the loser will lose 10 times their level in exp, and drop the weapon they are carrying. There is nothing wrong with staying unpledged.


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