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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:26 pm Reply with quote
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As I travel the length (this is a one-dimensional space after all - in text, no one can read your scream!) of this land, I find obscure references to "Tha Apocalypse". I thought it time to share my findings.

It is clear that a cataclysmic event took place that fundamentally altered the world as it was known. It is clear that some of the devastation was caused by a Nuclear Winter (the long, shaded and cold time after the atmosphere became solid dust, post really really big bang), and it is also clear there is now massive geological disturbance.

What is not clear is why this happened at all. The political climate was far from stable (gee, nothing new there) and global paranoia reached new heights, fueled by the "information superhighway", which meant that everyone knew everyone elses business before they themselves knew they were in business.

What is clear is that the tmux world heralds a new world order - an era of chaos, an era of political doctrine, martial law and a change in morals that saw the development of gene re-engineering and atomic mutation. Australia, well, what is left of it, has long been a republic; the monetary system has vanillarized but the world economy has regressed to much more primitive notions of trade and barter, and there is an epic shortage of chocolate.

Residents of tmux fight for their life, defend their territory and forge alliances to stay safe. High tech has, in most places become no-tech, due to the magnetic storms and electromagnetic pulses common in 2011, and the world no longer relies on information technology infrastructure to survive.

Puddles of humanity survive - in some cases pockets of civilization operating in much the same way it did back in the "good old days", but who is kidding who?

Utopia or modern hell? You be the judge.

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Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:05 am Reply with quote
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The world we once knew no longer exists.

Following widespread geological disturbances - earthquakes, tsunamis,
really poor weather (first soaking wet, then seasons of baking hot and
dry) and a proliferation of glorified talent quests that wrecked the
world's musical sub-culture, the world was in turmoil.

Humans, in their persuit of material goods sacked and pillaged places of
wealth and privilege. Burning and destroying as they did. Nowhere was
safe - least of all a school grounds.

St. Joes - a once proud educational institution, now lies in ruins - it's
students have run amok, it's classrooms and halls bombed and torched, it's
buildings occupied by squatters and other dangerous types. The surrounding
city and related campusses (Tennyson, Maroon, Waterford Place and Victoria
Park) suffered various degrees of damage and are also accessible more or

The last gridlock saw hydrocarbon-based modes of transport finally meet
their deathnell. With cities choked with fumes and soaring prices for
fuel, backstreet riots were common with assailants greedy to attain
every last drop of gasohol. Increasingly large and fuel inefficient
vehicles spent more and more time not moving, road rage on an epic scale
gripped most nations as the major vehicular arteries became dangerous

New visitors now enter these spaces, fight for survival amongst the ruins
that remain and dream of a better day.

You are living that dream (or is it a nightmare?)

I had visions of the main transport arteries clogged with stationary, overheated traffic in what became the "last gridlock". Years after, valueless cars abandoned, torched, overturned and rusting, the cities major arteries are red with rust and decay. The gridlock was a societal leveller - hummers and hybrids alike were trapped in parking formations awaiting the eventual flow that never came.

The streets around St. Joes, when you get glimpses of them, are wastelands, badlands, breeding grounds for a new subculture of junkers and feral engineers, steampunks and mechanists. The tmux future is not pretty but then again, who said it was ever going to work out nicely?

[*some assembler required]
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