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Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:34 am Reply with quote
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"warning, long and possibly mispelt post follows"

After playing tmux for a while it becomes apparant to many players that there are 3 sets of rules that govern player behaviour.

1. The first of these, and indeed the most obvious is the terramud policy. In many areas this offers cut and dried directives to gameplay, eg do not blind players. However in some areas, there are grey patches, and it is in these areas that the second set of rules take affect, namely...

2. "wonko's law" most players only discover that this area of rules exists after delving into one of the grey areas in the policy, at which point we may receive a quiet tap and the shoulder and a word in our ears. what i have dubbed wonko's law is more a set of guidelines that perhaps are made clear to players as they progress through the mud.

It is however the third area of rules that this post is directed to, and that is what has loosly been called "play etiquette". Indeed this set of guidelines is not enforced in any official way and is subjective to an individuals perspective. It is often a source of contention between players due to the fact that player manners is defined by individuals and many other players remain ignorant as to what others believe is appriopriate. Therefore i have asked players to post here, without naming names, behaviours that they believe are unreasonable, and hopefully in this way minimise unneccessary conflict.

If there is enough interest, perhaps it would be possible to draw up a rough set of player manners and guidelines, for newer players to be able to follow and for all to avoid unententional conflict due to different value systems. Obviously, this would be in no way official or enforced in anyway, but exist more in the way of explaining why someone who you seemed to be getting along well with suddenly snaps at you over a seemingly small thing.

Case in point, as a newb i walked into a room where another player was located, and proceeded to frag one of the traffic monsters in the room. I was a little suprised when the other player promptly told me off for doing so. Most players would probably agree that when pulling traffic it is good manners to ask a player already in the room if it is ok to join them. (but i could be way off with this.)

What follows is a list of things that personally i view as "bad manners" (feel free to rip into them if you disagree.)

1. as mentioned above gate crashing traffic pulls.

2. reasonable conversation. Reasonable questions deserve reasonable answers. i just don't see the humour in asking someone for help, and then when they respond, continue to spam stupid responses to their answer.

3.perm camping, this one may see a little odd when viewed with the first one, but allow me to try to explain... Sitting a character in a room with a perm does not, imho, shotgun that perm for you. If your in combat with it, then sure it's your perm, but i object to having one character, camp respawned perms, but not attack them. for instance can swampy, camp hector while bruce goes and kills every thing else? imho no.

4. (this is turning into a personal rant but, what the hell) ok, this is a little tricky to define, but basically some smart alec level 2 player coming on the mud and then proceeding to tell everyone how this that and the other should be done, saying omg havn't you found xyz in oldmud, how funny hahah. I am warning you now, if anyone tries this !@#$ on with me i will go postal on you.

5. Stonewalling. Stonewalling is basically the opposite of spoiling, anyone who knows me knows that i will not intentionally give away quest answers, but i will give you some hints as to where to start. Stonewalling is the process of not answering any questions about quests at all and imho is not constructive in building community. I also believe that spoiling is also not constructive and that as players we should attempt to walk a middle line.

This is just a start people, i would appreciate anyones input into this, and i fully realise that my views on this will differ from yours and are equally valid. What do you think is acceptable behaviour, actions, etc?
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Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:45 am Reply with quote
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This is akin to an "acceptable use" policy and has a sound basis. Post your suggestions here and they may combine into a "players handbook" of sorts - good idea.

[*some assembler required]
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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:12 pm Reply with quote
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you forgot something that is similar to gatecrashing. attacking a monster that someone else is fighting without asking is unacceptable too. the player you're bugging is trying hard to gain experience and you're not helping.

pestering older players for stuff, weapons, money scrolls etc. i know its already in policy but we cant forget it here. also pestering another player to group with them just so you can gain exp isnt good either. new players need to understand that experienced players need exp as much as they do.
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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:24 pm Reply with quote
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I kill a lot of things on level 5 and some players just tend to want to "jim in". I'll be in a room and a player will walk in, wait for me to attack something, and then join in on the fight. I have to agree with Swampy and Ferni here that this is bad form and should not be done. Personally I think that if a player is in the same room with NPCs, while it does not necessarily mean that that player called dibs for the kill, one should ask them if its okay that they kill whatever it is.

Also on a side note, it is quite rude and annoying to "get all" after a fight. It is better to negotiate than be a selfish douche.

Anyone can kill for money... only a few can do so with style.
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