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Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:17 pm Reply with quote
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I have played the hell out of this game as most of the people in this forum have and my play time has declined over time.

Looking back I realise that I could have played differently in some ways that would make things easier. Like playing barbarian/cleric instead of barbarian/mage. Because even with 21 piety on Ferlin, he still heals as much as Ferni. Ferniturns can heal nearly 4x as much as Ferlin can, hit more and even cast for as much damage. He does everything Ferlin can do and better. And even if Ferniturns was low on mp, he could pray to tick really fast and kill stuff by hitting because even with high piety, I have probably spent weeks ticking my mage. It is also really fun turning zombies. Maybe ticking is not realy a problem but wasting half of martial law doing so is. It is not really the time taken to tick, it is the frequency most of the time.

Another problem I had was leveling high. At level 14 I noticed I would lose a truckload of exp when I die, that along with effort, time, sometimes a whole level even, and lots of money. This is at the point where it is essential to NOT DIE EVER and play ultra safe and hoard homesick potions which is cheap and makes you invincible if you set them to every fkey on your keyboard. It just wasn't fun. It even made me rage-retire once which I know I shouldn't have done. But like if something makes someone in this game do that, something is wrong y'know?

Deleveling ruins the fun of the game if you delevel below a quests level restriction. Some quests I had to spend hours levelsafing for to do. Namely Bloodboil.

The questing is great and really fun though. There is no game out there that does it any better than terramud and I give Wonko major kudos for that. It was why I played the game almost every day. It has a large variety of classes and a great stat system that can allow almost any class to play however you want I love exploring and finding new areas all the time. There is still a lot I want to accomplish in this game like make a ranger to haste and search really fast and fully take advantage of recharge (the alchemist skill). Right now I am leveling and partially soloing a monk which proves to be a nice change.

Now that I think about it, this is the sort of thing I should have put on the player opinion thing because I have learnt a lot more since then.

People may disagree with my opinions in this thread and it may look like I'm bitching (it kind of is but I am looking back and reflecting on my experiences at the same time).

Please tell me what you guys think, I have been blatantly honest here and I hope you will be too.
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