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Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 7:37 pm Reply with quote
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one of the biggest impacts on terramud's economy is inflation. the cost of money being lower. yes kiddies, money, is actually worth money, confusing huh? right now the only thing that money is actually worth for is leveling. you cant really buy something off another player because the small amount of money is not worth it at all. most of us are multimillionaires (in game unfortunately). we need more things that are worth A LOT of value, or boost up the prices of stuff, increase monetary rewards in quests or some other way to counter inflation. maybe making it harder to get money (like it is in the real world) will work. did you know, that during a war, money (as in the notes and coins) is worth nothing? so people buy gold because that is of real value to people. a hand full of gold is worth a couple of a million dollars or more! im not sure about how this stuff works yet, can someone please clarify?
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Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:02 pm Reply with quote
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My understanding: In the real world inflation is primarily governed by growth of demand and money supply. If you print money without increasing demand for goods, then the money becomes worth less than it was before. I could spend a long time discussing how and why this works, but lets actually focus on tmux money.

Problem 1. Money is easy to get. Several players have a lot of it.
Problem 2. It dosn't really have much of an in game purpose besides levelling, as ferni said.
Problem 3. Money accumulation is exponential, relative to level.
Problem 4. If people have lots of money, and it's more or less useless, people don't really want more of it. Therefore if you want to sell things on a market (between players.) you have to offer A LOT of money for an item of actual use. And even then, people don't have much incentive to trade. Though this could be viewed as a good thing, in some light.
Problem 6. This basically leads to the premis that ferni stated, that tmux money isn't really worth much.

1. massivly cut the prices offered in the shop for various items, making it difficult to accumulate money. However, does anyone really want this? Also it is unfairly disadvantages newer players, who have a tendency to delevel, and may be struggling with cash problems.
2. Offer extremely pricy high end items/rewards. Gives an incentive to hoard money and save up for big items. Problems, it's a lot of work to implement, balance issues, scenario issues, dm favour issues.
3. do nothing. Ultimately inflation isn't really a serious problem to gameplay. It dosn't prevent players from playing the game, or enjoying themselves. It is a minor annoyance not being able to use a steady currency, but it dosn't have any overtly negative effects on gameplay or social intereaction as a whole.
4. Increase levelling costs. Simple and effective, increase the amount if costs to level. However once again, you face fairness issues as raised in one, and do we really want this? I would be tempted to say if your rich good for you, and let it go at that, rather than potentially make some newer struggling player scrimp together a heap of cash so he can relevel. In order to avoid this, you could implement scaled money increase to levelling, as in lowerlevels there is not much diffference and at higher levels there is a significant difference. But once again do we really want this?
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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:25 am Reply with quote
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I'd say something, but i'm in no position to really. My cleric has enough exp to level easily to 18 and be levelsafe, but i don't have the cash and can't be bothered to hoard or whatever. I'll get enough exp to level to 20 i think before i even consider looking for money i think. Thank god clerics can't level above 16 yet anyway i guess.
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