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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:36 pm Reply with quote
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Ok children, choosing right stats can be very annoying, especially if you have no idea of how the different numbers will affect your character. So, being the mad fella that i am, im gonna try to briefly explain the role of these little numbers which will hopefully allow you to umm prosper.

First of all, let me say there are no 'perfect stats' for each class. Each class is supposed to have its pros and cons, so all we can do is accommodate for these minor inconveniences. Wink

What determines the effects of stats you've chosen are the values assigned to each number. We can show these bad boys like this.
Statistic Bonus
1 -4
2-4 -3
5-6 -2
7 -1
8-15 0
16 +1
17-20 +2
21-24 +3
25 +4
So really, 8 DEX will have pretty much the same effect as 12 DEX, as the bonus given is 0. Same thing with 17 INT being the same as 20 INT. As the bonus is the same with both these numbers, we will be getting the same advantage of 8 DEX as having 12 DEX. Stats are easy aren't they? Very Happy

In some cases however, one number difference will have a big effect on you, but we'll look at that later eh?

This little bad boy determines how hard you hit for (duh). The bonuses in each case add the damage to your hit. So lets take your little club for example. A character with 5 STR will hit 2 damage less than a character with a bonus of 0. This also works with the + bonuses. 17 STR adds an extra 2 damage. Also, each 1 point of STR you have lets you carry an extra 10lbs of equipment.

DEX determines your armor class, to put it simply. To complicate things more, here is another table for your benefit.
Dex Bonus AC
-4 - -2 11
-1 - 0 10
1 - 2 9
3 - 4 8
DEX also affects a barbarian's or fighter's ability to circle. The higher the DEX bonus, the better the circle will be, and also, the less time delay after YOU have been circled.
For assassins and thieves, DEX is important for backstabbing and hiding. The higher the bonus, the more easier it is to hide, and the more powerful a back stab will be. (It wasn't powerful enough. So i rewired it. ahahahahah.....
Sad )

Ok this is getting long, so RULE OF THUMB: under 7 CON will result in you having 1hp LESS per level, while 18 or above CON will result in you having 1hp MORE, tasty for monks and barbarians. Also, the bonus of CON affects the luck of a character, but thats getting to deep.

INT is what determines how powerful spells are and how long the last (duh again). The higher the bonus, the more damage they do, the longer they last, and the less chance of failing a cast. Also, another important fact, 18 INT will let you regain 1mp MORE, so in this cast, there is a difference between 17 and 18 INT (even though they both give a +2 bonus).... but not between 18 and 20 Very Happy

My favorite stat. PTY determines how good you are at healing and searching, among other things. Also, if you're impatient, like me, having a bonus of +2 (17 and above PTY) allows you to regain mp and hp faster, which is good if you don't have alot of INT or get the shiz beaten out of you regularly.

Ok, now that we have covered that, all thats left for you to do is turn on the oven, grease the sheets, and put the cookies on them.

For a little example of how to choose them nifty stats, my stats atm at level 10 for monk is 18 5 20 13 8. I have more hp because of my CON bonus, and i can hit for more with my STR bonus. I have chosen a crap dex, which is fine by me (you can't get everything in life). Casting isn't too bad with +1 INT bonus, and PTY is level at 0. It just depends on what you're looking for.

Now i've played most classes to a decent level, except druid (mer), and i can say that even unorthodox stats can help alot, it just depends on how you play ie DEX on a bard, or INT on an assassin. Now all thats left is to look up some class help files and see what is SUGGESTED, and see if they appeal to you. (Playing a mage with high STR and low INT can be fun Very Happy )

So really children, just sus out what you think is important. If you're impatient, get 17 PTY early on, or if you'd rather not get hit, go for more DEX. The ball is in your court.

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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:54 pm Reply with quote
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and if you still cant figure out what stat you should focus on, you can type help "class" in tmux,

the stat increases provide some interesting info

the stat that increases at lvl 6,8,and 11, is your "main" stat, and you want it to be up to 21 (+3 bonus) fairly soon, and this could mean that you choose the appropriate race that will increase it even more ( like an elf would be good for a mage 'cus it gives a +2 intel bonus)

lastly, the stat that increases at lvl 5, is the stat you should most often ignore, (but my monk has 21 str and here we are lol).

and of course, unless you love a chanllenge, avoid stat builds like 11 11 10 11 11 or 12 10 10 12 10... they are pretty silly and you wont have a lot of fun playing them Very Happy
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Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:43 am Reply with quote
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You can always dial-a-combo on the STAT ENGINE also to see the effect of the bonuses and the stat progressions as you level


[*some assembler required]
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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:44 am Reply with quote
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I'm curious to see what stats players have used, and how they're finding it/what they like/don't like. Of course its how you play, not what stats you've used, but they certainly have a part in how you play. I'll start off with a few of my chars.

Mamba's cleric stats
Originally they are str:14 dex:3 con:5 int:15 pty:17 with dwarf(+1str +1con -2 pty). Right now (lv15) i've got everything i really want, 17 strength for higher hits, fast ticking, and 18 intelligence for better stuns and more mp each tick. It was really slow until level8 and i got faster ticking, after that it was a breeze. With a decent AC (i had about 0 or 1, never below 0) i could hit monsters and cast rumble effectively without being hit too often, and even then a vigor would heal me enough. I'd cast rumble because when you get enough %, the damage becomes like a normal hit, so you do around 40 damage (hit for 15, cast for 10, hit for 15) in 3 seconds, and with a decent AC, there's a good chance you won't get hit. When i go for the stunning option, i can safely stun hit hit cast hit before stunning again. And to maximize mp, i'd make the cast a rumble, which makes one round of that 13mp. And assuming my hits do good damage (we'll say 18, i'd do 18+18+15+18 = 69 damage in 1 round), and 60mp/13mp is a good 4 rounds, i could do a real 280 damage using stun in 1 round. So it's pretty effective using a casting route. A couple of downsides are that i have a bit less hp (3 or something), and there's no point in me preparing because my dex is so low, and if i get circled i get a pretty hefty delay (9 or so seconds).

Tinpan's monk stats.
Originally they are str:17 dex:3 con:17 int:11 pty:6 with human(+1con). The high con gives me a better chance of getting touch in, apart from giving me ALOT more hp, which is really handy to have. Hits are high also, but if i remade him i'd start with lower strength and add more to intelligence, because i could wait for high hitting. The piety isn't such a big issue for monks i think, sure the ticking is slow, but if i'd started with higher intelligence, i'd be ticking for 3mp+1mp from pledging outside a tick spot. And healing is nice also, i can cast vigor for low teens and mend for max 18 or 19. Once again, because of low dex, i can't prepare that well, and i have a longer delay with being circled. Other than that, they're pretty nifty stats.

Drjuju's bard stats:
Originally they are str:17 dex:11 con:8 int:4 pty:14 with gnome(-1str -1con +2pty). These were REALLY easy to play above lv10. Having a bit of dex meant i could wear armor, and i could get into the negatives easily. With a good set, i could easily get -3 close to -4, and being hit wasnt an issue. The high piety meant really good healing, and add sing, i could heal myself for 40+ in 1 second (sing having a 2min cool down). High strength meant i could carry a lot of armor and weapons, and higher hitting. So i basically could clear lots of areas at a time at lv10 without needing to go heal hp or tick mp because of my low AC and good healing. For example, i could easily clear the commune and the gardens (apart from the the wood shop) without needing to heal because i was hardly hit. Casting was a bit of an issue at the start, but when you're playing a hit'vig style, you don't really need to cast. At higher levels, i started adding a fireball in between hits, and before i knew it, my fire % sky rocketed, and the low intelligence wasn't an issue anymore. Stunning became alright for me around lv15, and i could safely stun hit hit stun big perms. And when you can heal well, can't be hit, and can cast decently, suddenly it opens up a lot of doors. I could solo the beast of flatulence in a couple of rounds, and a lot more harder hitting monsters.

Krew's assassin stats:
Originally they are str:15 dex:18 con:15 int:3 pty:3 with troll(-1int -1pty +2con). I've only just started this char, so i haven't fully explored it. But the idea of these stats were to get a good AC early on and have more hp. I've played an intelligence and a dexterity assassin before, both with high piety, and i got bored pretty quickly at high levels, seeing as i couldn't do much by myself. The way i see it, at higher levels, casting won't be an issue, so i'm assuming that having the low intelligence will only mean less damage to spells and no stunning capabilities. But yeah, the main idea was for a stabber with high hp and which wont be hit often because of a good AC.
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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 4:49 pm Reply with quote
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I am not winging or complaining in any of the stat comments i make here

proof's ranger stats

16 18 6 12 3 with dwarf, +1 str +1 con and -2 pie

the only downside to this was the really bad ticking, and that didn't concern me

right now im sitting on awesome stats: 18 21 9 13 3, and only one negative bonus. casting isnt vitally important with rangers because they have a 5 second cooldown which sucks in comparison to a 1.5 second hit time with hasten.

Sarabanden's Monk stats

18 14 16 3 3 with half giant, +2 str, -1 int, -1 pie

lets face it, monks can go well with any stat, and i chose this build for Max damage, decent armor, and an eventual +3 con bonus. right now my stats are

21 17 19 4 5, and i have just started casting lvl 2 realm spells.......

you need to trial and error with monks, and find what you really want out of them. at lvl 16, i will have a kiackass damage range ... 16-23 to be exact, and around a -4 armor class with protection... now how is that not cool?

now this is hillarious i think (all mages)

mrsmitty 1's stats

something like 12 3 7 16 5 elf... im not sure anymore (5 piety?!?!)

vaati's stats 11 3 5 18 17 troll... TROLL?!?! +2 con -1 intel, -int pie (as ridiculous as the first really)

mrsmitty 2's stats 7 3 8 18 18 elf +2 int, -1 str, -1 con

now thats better! those are the stats for a mage, superior intel, great and fast ticking, neutral strength at lvl 15 and a neutral hp bonus straight up

but my altime greatest mistake lies in mazil (LOL)

15 15 15 5 4 with ogre, +1 str and -1 intel

right now its 20 18 18 6 7, which is good circling if im berserked, and it will be alright str at lvl 18. but i do have more intel and piety that most other barbians, although these values arent high enough to be of any good to me. mazil was my first and highest character, i would not DARE retire him, so the bad stats is really the way its going to stay
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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:04 am Reply with quote
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Most of my characters stats were based around sticking 18 into my two most important stats eg 18 int 18 PTY for a mage.

My stats for Fury chosing human i started off 18 18 12 3 3 so at lvl 13 i have 21(+3) 21(+3) 16(+1) 4 5 so a rather pathetic intel i only became proficient enough to cast dustgust at lvl 13

Deathsword's stats at lvl 15 are 8 6 10 23 21 so i get +3 for int and PTY and only a -1 on dex chosing elf. This way my mage can actually carry some equipment

Dragonslayers stats at 15 chosing dwarf are 22 21 7 15 3 so a rubbish PTY and a negative con brings you down but a decent STR and DEX and nearly an int +1 bonus but nearly doesnt cut the cheese Sad

Rands stats chosing elf i went casting alchemist rather than fighting 3 5 13 23 21 so decent caster but he cant carry anything because of the heavy armor he wears

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Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:17 pm Reply with quote
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ferni's barbarian stats:

at first they were 18 18 12 3 3 half-giant

these stats gave me HUGE hitting and great circleing. they were great to play with apart from not having an hp bonus which i believe was bad because the whole idea of a barbarian of having lots of health is having even more Very Happy

then i retired because i got sick of dying and i needed a stat reboot.

so i chose 16 16 16 3 3 orc

these are totally awesome. +1 bonuses in all stats as soon as i started thanks to the orc race and bonus hp at and beyond level 7. from then my hp sky rocketed above the neutral hp barbarians would have. im a complete tank. and because of my high con, i can tick for 16 hp in a tick room. this is great because its 3 times more than a mage can heal for lol.


these are just usual mage stats with a bit of a twist in between.

5 3 10 18 18

5 strength because it would eventually even out and allowing me to carry more stuff and 10 con so i wouldnt get a crappy hp deduction.


this is the name of one of my first characters from the ferniater and fernithethird combo. i decided to remake him again.

i chose the stats for my thief, 18 18 12 3 3. just like my earlier ferni. only i chose hobbit.

the -1 from hobbit on strength is a bit annoying, but the main idea for this thief was to stack up on the dexterity, allowing me to hide, and sneak extremely well and above all steal muahahah!


the stats at level 13 are 10 6 13 18 19 (im not gonna go through the song and dance of dissecting my stats to find my starting ones). both piety and intel have a +2 bonus on them so stunning is just as good as ferlins and my water % is skyrocketing. 10 strength gives me ok hitting and 13 con stops my hp being low which isnt good for clerics i believe. i can mend for max 28 and vig for 20ish. i didnt max out piety cause i new that at some level (which will be 16) my piety will be 25 (+4) when i pray, ive never tried a +4 bonus stat so things could be pretty interesting.

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Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 4:35 pm Reply with quote
Member Joined: 02 Dec 2007 Posts: 114 Location: the real world
Something to laugh at. At first i just wanted to see what it would be like, but im starting to like playing again; being able to cast and tick fast with decent circling.

You are Babylon the Knight-Captain, Level 10

Race: Half-orc Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Slightly EvilAlliance: Westside Gang

Total Game Time: 0 day/s 7 hour/s 9 minute/s
Health Points HP: 75/75
Magic Points MP: 20/20
Experience: XP:103362 /63048 TNL
Dollars on Hand: $41912 Dollars Banked: $0
Armour class AC: 0 Inventory Weight: 102 Lbs/53 Objs
STRength: 9 DEXterity: 15 CONstitution: 5 INTelligence: 17 PieTY: 17
Sharp: 60% Thrust: 6% Blunt: 6% Pole: 53% Missile: 7% Barehand: 7%
Earth: 4% Wind: 11% Fire: 6% Water: 4%

Spells you know: bless, breathe-water, crush, curepoison, dustgust,
fireball, hurt, know-aura, levitate, mend-wounds, protection,
remove-disease, stun, summon, vigor, waterbolt.
Spells currently over you: bless, protection.
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Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:05 pm Reply with quote
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i think you mean:

if you dont want 19 or 20 from any stat that ISNT con.

this an excellent choice for monks, because the NEED every stat for SOMETHING. hits, ac, hp|touch|med, casting, ticking|healing

its also true for alchemists, if they try and go battle-style. cus the newbs guide says they need con. if they wanna hit they need str, and they are a sub-class of mage, so they need int and pty for casting and ticking.

also a good choice for rangers, who want a bit of casting action aswell. the extra con stat frees up that extra intel point, and also saves the debate of being more hitty with str by going a class like orc.

good point gangster, Human is a great choice of class for many situations
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Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:25 am Reply with quote
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you may like to know that if your group encounters an agro monster, the players with the least piety is attacked first. this has happened many times with ferni and ferniturns when i cross paths with the adolescent zombie. ferni was attacked first most of the time because ferniturns, being a cleric, has a lot of piety.
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Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:28 am Reply with quote
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13-16 +1

Where did this come from? the stat engine says that you only gain a +1 bouns at 16 and that 13-15 are still neutral?

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Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:20 am Reply with quote
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Just to set the record straight. Most of you know this already but because in thie game you can use 2 characters at once, Wonko has actually modified the game and designed it to allow you to do just that. And there were some decisions made to balance the game for 2 characters. Yes in Isengard you get (+1) from 13 but that is too much of an advantage in terramud where you can use 2 characters. So he changed it to 16 giving (+1). Wonko can easily change the mordor engine anyway he likes.
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