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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:29 pm Reply with quote
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A thread for posting the various abreviations that many tmux players use without thinking, but which may confuse those new to the mud.

Perm: Permanat monster, ie a monster that does not move, spawns once at a regular time intervat (say 1 hour.) and will stay spawned until some kills it.

Perm run: the process of killing various perm monsters one after the other, usually to a set pattern

Pulling traffic: the process of sitting in an empty room, waiting for monsters to spawn.

Grinding: attempting to gain large amounts of money/exp as quickly as possible for the purpose of levelling.

(more to be added)
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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:01 pm Reply with quote
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quest = something put in-game by the DM (well, in truth EVERYTHING is put in game by the DM) that players are expected to work out for themselves - might end in a spell, bit of gear, monetary reward or other

mob = mobile creature = traffic monster
aggro = a monster that is not pleased to see you
trader = a monster that interactively trades objects for other objects
talker = a monster that has an interactive talk file
logic monster = a monster that performs a series of actions

gear = weapon, armour, magical item etc

pop = to spawn a critter there and then
pop rate = how fast critters pop

trap = a room that either re-directs you to another room or damages you in some creative way (eg "ouch you got a splinter" or "you slip and land on your bum in the mud" or "5 ravenous bugblatter beasts of traal enter and start attacking you") - I have 15 types of trap now, and counting Razz

fugitive = a player that I have "owned" - they have a flag set that allows everyone to attack them

flag = a characteristic that can be turned on by the game - (like invisibility) or by player intervention (like lootshare) or DM intervention (fugitive). All flags have the "on/off" characteristic, as opposed to other attributes that are controlled by numbers (like proficiency, alignment etc)

dust = the second last thing a player sees when it hits them (DM player extermination command ... dust anyone, no?) - used only on naughty players who have been warned.

[*some assembler required]
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