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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 8:15 am Reply with quote
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The commune is one of my favorite places [not because it took so bleeding long to write] because of the richness of the character, rooms and stuff you can see, do and get.

Harmony the cook and Crystal the cook's assistant still make me smile, because I actually still know the people they are modeled on:
Communal Kitchen
You stand beside a curious gas-hybrid stove that looks to have been made of
parts of other machines. It is fed by gas, originating from outside, and the
cooktop has a number of large cooking pots bubbling away lazily on it - you
can smell lentils and vegetable stock pots. The stove has a hot water system
on it's side, with burners flaring as someone, somewhere uses the hot tap.
The gas gives off a curious sulphur smell, and a blue flame as though it
were collected from rotting biomass, but you can not see it's source.
All exits: south, north, west.
Here with you is Crystal the hippy cook.

> pat cry
You pat Crystal the hippy cook gently on the top of the head.
> Crystal the hippy cook says "It is so hard to find good help these days.."
> Crystal stirs eggs into a rich and aromatic cake batter, prior to baking.
> Crystal combines softened pulses and spices into a patty in readiness for frying.
> ' mmm, looks yummy
[say] Wonko said ' mmm, looks yummy. '
> Crystal takes a quick but private swig from a pewter hip flask.
> gasp
You take a deep breath.
> s
Communal Kitchen
You stand at the sink and wet area for an open plan communal kitchen, stove
to the north, open benches to the east. A timber drying rack overflows with
clean dishes, the large sink still full of warm soapy water. Cooking smells
surround you making you feel comfortable and safe.
All exits: west, north.
Here with you is Harmony the cooks assistant.

> bow harm
You bow respectfully before Harmony the cooks assistant.
> Harmony the cooks assistant says "So much to do, so much to learn."
> ' too true, we are all in that boat
[say] Wonko said ' too true, we are all in that boat. '
> Harmony moves over to the stove, stirring some lentils and beans.
> ' what is it with Hippies and lentils?
[say] Wonko said ' what is it with Hippies and lentils?. '
> Harmony adds some fat to a hot frypan, in readiness for frying.
> A strong wind stirs up dust clouds in it's path.
Harmony whisks some fresh eggs in preparation for making an omlette.
> drool
You salivate messily.
Gotta love this new-age, tree-hugging hippy stuff

[*some assembler required]
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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:32 pm Reply with quote
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i S2 hippies Very Happy

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